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Dance Out The Old, Sing In the New

Scissorheads – 2021 has been a year of lows and highs: from the Stupid Coup and nearly losing our democracy to inaugurating President Handsome Joe Biden, we’ve seen it all. Yes, the Trump-Virus is still with us, and yes, the … Continue reading

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Guys, I had the booster yesterday, and today I am figuratively knackered. Carry-on! Consider this an open thread, if you want.

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They Did Their Own Research

Scissorhead D-Cap sent me a link to this website: SORRYANTIVAXXER.COM which lists pretty exhaustively all the antivaxxers who had contracted and/or died from the Trump-Virus. At first it seems devastating (and very, very white) seeing entry after entry of people who … Continue reading

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Housekeeping Note

Guys, I pulled a muscle in my back last night, I’m probably down for the day. BBL, TG

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Housekeeping Note

The power is going off again in a few minutes in the ’hood because a new cell phone tower is being installed, you know, for our convenience. Jammed a few things in queue. Be good and don’t burn down the … Continue reading

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House Keeping Note

It’s not alive here… The power is due to be shut off for building maintenance in about 30 minutes. Not sure when it will actually be back. I’m rushing through stories that I think will be significant and putting them … Continue reading

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On The Shoulders of Giants

I’ve had this tweet open in a tab for a couple of days, the video is really good, and I think we need to discuss because there is a legit BOTH SIDES here: The elders let these young “progressives” know … Continue reading

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(Updated) Goodbye, Dennis — oops!

[And on the 3rd day… well, DC is still with us — see the comments!  — TG] Today, Saturday May 15 is when our pal Scissorhead Dennis Cole has his wake. We’ve been trading emails this week and on May … Continue reading

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Housekeeping II

My fever broke, but I’m still feeling like I got run-over by a car, like a common Florida protestor. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers, but I’m not dead. Yet. Gonna hide out some more.

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Housekeeping Note

I had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, and I’m having my side-effects (mild, but still real) today. BBL, TG

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