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Housekeeping Note

#1 Some of you may have noticed that I finally  cleaned out the Blogroll (I found where WordPress hid it, which was, duh, in plain site. You can thank Scissorhead vonBeavis for the nudge that sent me on the hunt!) … Continue reading

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Housekeeping Note

Scissorheads – I’m filling in on Crooks and Liars this week for the morning round-up (it was sort of last minute)! You know the drill: if you find a post at a small blog that grabs your attention, or if … Continue reading

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Never, Ever Change

Scissorheads – Have I mentioned lately how lovely you all are? Thank you all so much for spending this year with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We are the cats herded by events outside of our … Continue reading

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Travel Day

By the time you read this, I will have been groped by the TSA (drinks, dinner and a movie first!) and hopefully being plied with Noonan-style refreshment in the air. Talk amongst yourselves!

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Housekeeping Note: MBRU Week!

Scissorheads – I’m hosting Crooks & Liars’ “Mike’s Blog Round-Up” again this week, which means 1) I need your help and B) posting here might be impacted. If you run across a great post somewhere (but preferably a smaller blog … Continue reading

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Housekeeping Note

Scissorheads – Yay! The world is full of miracles! I’m doing Mike’s Blog Round-Up this week for Crooks and Liars (starting tomorrow)—did I mention that?—and so MPS posting is going to be a wee bit lite as my free will … Continue reading

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Indie Bookstore Day!

You guys! I forgot to tell you that today is Independent Book Store Day! If you have a book on your list you are itching to own, today is a fine day to go to your local, indie bookstore and … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

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The Reports of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Thanks, everyone, I’m fine. I had the flu shot back in November. I took an acetaminophen last night and my temperature is back to normal. I am, however, a snot factory. In other words, nothing new! Fun Fact: I’ve hated … Continue reading

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Some Open Tabs

From time-to-time, every-now-and-then, I like to link to some longer stories on the weekend for Scissorheads’ reading pleasure. “I Am Disgusted”: Behind the Scenes of Trump’s Increasingly Scrutinized $107 Million Inauguration | Vanity Fair – this might be behind the paywall, … Continue reading

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