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Tengrain Presents…


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Tengrain Presents…

Inspired by TPM

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Tengrain Presents…

(Peggy Noonan’s Blog) (UPDATE: I’m putting this on the front page because it was mentioned on The Professional Left Podcast and people are looking for it. Fresher posts below. Thank you to Bluegal and Driftglass for the hat tip.)

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Tengrain and Axel Grease present: Peggy Noonan on Ice!

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Michelle Malkkkin and the Temple of Dumb

(Malkkkin’s screed at Townhall)

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The Days and Nights of Frank Luntz

An excellent addendum from Scissorhead Zombie Rotten McDonald:

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The After School Special

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The Sunday Talkies

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Tengrain presents…

(Hat tip: Scissorheads Abo Gato and everyone else who noticed that the theocrats all dropped out)

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Tengrain presents…

Bachmann-the-Nut is a national treasure.

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