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Define ‘Moderate’ WaPo

Our Failed Political Press ™ There’s a piece in the WaPo entitled (and I do mean entitled), The Joe Manchin of the House GOP? And Betteridges Law Of Headlines just keeled over. Anyway, it is pushing the notion that there … Continue reading

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The news is terrible: the big Big BIG 7.8 earthquake in Turkey has a death count that is climbing (currently 1,800 dead) and with major aftershock there are more deaths sure to come. Growing up in earthquake country, I can … Continue reading

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They Shot It Down

how cable news is treating the balloon — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 3, 2023 The WaPo: U.S. fighter aircraft, acting on orders from President Biden, downed a Chinese surveillance balloon off the South Carolina coast on Saturday, the Pentagon … Continue reading

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Bad Placement, Cont.


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Republican Salute the Flag

All you need to know about both the NRA and the GOP in one image: The MAGA Republicans in Congress have replaced their American flag lapel pins with AR-15 pins. — Ben Meiselas (@meiselasb) February 2, 2023 There is … Continue reading

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Arizona Might Have Second Chance

Guys, the Terrible Sand People of the Terrible Sand Kingdom might have an opportunity to kick Kari Lake in the ol’ rat’s patootie again: Defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake met with officials at the National Republican Senatorial Committee on … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, K-Mac?

As Nancy Pelosi famously said, the only qualification to be Speaker of the House is to know how to count. Oops: In an apparent error, House Republicans passed a resolution on Tuesday that would give Democrats a supermajority on a … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Poll

Guys, the other day Karoli (my pal from Crooks and Liars) said something to me that made my ears twitch, related to our own cry of Follow The Ameros: Karoli wonders if the mysterious money Spurious George used to fund … Continue reading

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K-Mac is Very Bad At His Job, Part Infinity

The news that K-Mac directed all the House committees to investigate President Handsome Joe Biden should probably not come as a shock: Kevin McCarthy has told House Republicans to treat every committee like the Oversight panel — that is, use … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News See if you can follow the logic here, because I cannot: JAMES COMER: We're investigating the Biden family for influence peddling CNN'S PAMELA BROWN: But why not investigate the Trump family for the same? COMER: We have … Continue reading

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