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Google Health: Imagine The Ads You Will See

Hey guys, remember last week when Google bought Fitbit, and everyone (well, me) had a cow that Google would have access to your Fitbit dashboard and know your exercise schedule, heart beat, weight? Such simpler, happier times… Google has signed … Continue reading

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Tweet, Twit, Twat

It begins, as it always does, with a twat, er, tweet: Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a … Continue reading

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NYTimes Falls For Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory

Death of the Media NYTimes breathlessly tells us: “The post went up quietly on Facebook’s internal message board last week. Titled ‘We Have a Problem With Political Diversity,’ it quickly took off inside the social network. ‘We are a political monoculture … Continue reading

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