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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Wired Magazine —the tech magazine that oddly has little tech in it— has a post to summarize the decade that was: The Most Dangerous People on the Internet This Decade That headline is a little ambiguous … Continue reading

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Google Health: Imagine The Ads You Will See

Hey guys, remember last week when Google bought Fitbit, and everyone (well, me) had a cow that Google would have access to your Fitbit dashboard and know your exercise schedule, heart beat, weight? Such simpler, happier times… Google has signed … Continue reading

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Tweet, Twit, Twat

It begins, as it always does, with a twat, er, tweet: Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a … Continue reading

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NYTimes Falls For Trump’s Latest Conspiracy Theory

Death of the Media NYTimes breathlessly tells us: “The post went up quietly on Facebook’s internal message board last week. Titled ‘We Have a Problem With Political Diversity,’ it quickly took off inside the social network. ‘We are a political monoculture … Continue reading

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Grifters Gotta Grift

As Prznint Stupid has proven he is a stable genius beyond a shadow of a doubt, Axios notes, what with Social Media and Faceberg in the news that he has his keen intellect focused, bigly,  on… Amazon? “Trump tells people … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Free Speech and Google

I was reading about the male Google engineer who released an offensive sexist screed (Update: he was fired): Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley. … Continue reading

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Paging Mr. Orwell

Remember, what Google (and Facebook) are really selling is YOU: Google will soon let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative types of ad targeting: email addresses. The search giant is rolling out a new tool called Customer Match, … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Morning Bottomless Mimosa of Stupid

The 2016 Money Chase, Cont. Hey guys, remember the other day when ¡JEB! the Smartest Bush® Instagram’ed himself taking an Uber to Sunnyvale where he discovered LinkedIn and wrote a blog about The Sharing Economy, flashed his Apple Watch around? … Continue reading

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Another example of Stuart Varney not understanding Silicon Valley

Varney, of course, is against an increase in the minimum wage because, as he says, it makes employees greedy. And then, of course, he decides to give an example of how increasing the minimum wage will drag dowm innovation: “Let … Continue reading

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CEOs: Staunch Defenders of the Free Market Conspire Against Free Market

As part of a law suit here in Silicon Valley, via the emails of various CEOs, we have learned that titans of industry–those Galtian overlords–conspired to keep engineers from switching companies and presumably receiving higher wages. Instead of letting the … Continue reading

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