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CPAC Will Carry-On (boy howdy, will it ever!)

CPAC will go on, on schedule, despite the $9M+ Amero law suit filed against Schlapp for schlapping the junk of a male campaign aid. Allegedly. In just over one month, the Conservative Political Action Coalition is set to hold a … Continue reading

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Schlapp-Back: Lawsuits filed

Mercedes Schlapp: “My husband Matt didn’t schlapp anyone’s private parts.” — Hoodlum 🇺🇸 (@NotHoodlum) January 17, 2023 Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie reports that the Herschel Walker campaign aid John Doe has filed a … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News He’s ready for his close-up: Rep. Matt Gaetz on Tuesday said he wants wants C-SPAN cameras back on the House floor, days after they captured the chaotic speaker vote and the internal GOP drama that came with … Continue reading

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Republican Donors, Cont.

Well, they are consistent: A staffer for Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign has alleged to The Daily Beast that longtime Republican activist Matt Schlapp made “sustained and unwanted and unsolicited” sexual contact with him while the staffer was driving Schlapp back … Continue reading

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Takes One To Know One

Takes one to know one: Trump ‘Apologizes’ to Matt Gaetz on Behalf of America. America Rolls Its Eyes At a Florida rally, the former president said the congressman deserved an apology for being under investigation for sex trafficking a minor … Continue reading

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

I’d rather join Chess Club, actually.

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

He seems nice: Anti-Abortion Republican Deletes Account After Being Outed as MILF Reply Guy Jarrod Golden, the GOP candidate for county auditor in Franklin County, Ohio, hit the like button on dozens of images of “hot mom bods” from adult … Continue reading

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Notable Liar Ordered To Testify Under Oath

So hunka-hunka burning love Lord Damp Nut has been ordered to sit for a deposition in the defamation lawsuit lodged by longtime New York columnist E. Jean Carroll, whom Trump called a liar while he was in office after she … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Herschel Walker just now: "I've been telling this little story about this bull out in the field with six cows, and three of them are pregnant… so you know he's got something going on" — Aaron Fritschner (@Fritschner) October … Continue reading

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Will History Repeat Itself?

Fetus-fondling, Gawd-bothering Republican Senators plan to rally around very fertile, abortion enthusiast Senate Candidate Herschel Walker. They see the Georgeduh race as being key to controlling the Senate, and you know that supersedes all deeply-held religious beliefs and principles: National … Continue reading

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