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An Affair To Remember

In Touch Magazine interviewed Stormy Daniels (Comrade Horny’s alleged porn star mistress) in 2006 but never ran the interview until now, because: ew, gross. The juiciest details allegedly are in the print copy, but the teaser on the web confirms all … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs It really feelz like Liz Grokin arrived out of nowhere and now is in the pole position for being our favorite nutty conspiracy theorist for 2018. Today’s exhibit(s) shows us that ol’ Liz could give Alex … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Flying the friendly skies… Delta apathetic toward in-flight porn, says group Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation experienced the problem when she was on a Delta flight. According to NCOSE communications director Katherine … Continue reading

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The United States of Amnesia

Our post’s title is an old Saint Gore Vidal line (Blessed be his soul!), but it seems appropriate considering the Politico/Morning Consult poll on the women who are accusing Comrade Stupid of sexual assault: 50% of registered voters believe Comrade Stupid’s … Continue reading

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No Moore (About Last Night…)

First some quick numbers from the  WaPo: Jones won women by 16 points. Jones won African Americans by 92 points. Jones won independents or “something else” by 8 points. Moore won white women by 29 points. Moore won whites with no … Continue reading

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‘Forget about it Jake, It’s Alabama’

Alabama law requires all ballots to be kept for six months after an election, and a newly filed law suit argues that digital ballots are included in that legislation. Scissorhead GRS points out that Judge Roman Ashley Shaul granted an … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Contessa di Conspiracy, Liz Crokin, wants to get in on that rich vein of basement-dwelling child sex slaves that Alex Jones tapped into with the Comet PingPong, which concluded with a very riled-up low-IQ wingnut showing … Continue reading

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Moore or Less, Cont.

This flickered across my twitter feed last night… Roy Moore thinks getting rid of Constitutional Amendments after the 10th is a swell idea. #ALSen That would eliminate: 🔹#13A – Abolition of slavery 🔹#14A – Guarantee of equal protection 🔹#19A – … Continue reading

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The Preponderance of Evidence

I’m sorry to keep on whinging about this, but if you are a defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney has 30 witnesses to back up the claim (whether it is civil or criminal), you are going to be plea bargaining … Continue reading

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Portrait in Courage, No Snark

Republican Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby: “I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore, I didn’t vote for Roy Moore, I wrote in a distinguished Republican name" #CNNSOTU — CNN (@CNN) December 10, 2017 That’s the Alabama Senator Richard Shelby who would … Continue reading

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