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Alabama Wants Moore More, Morans!

The Mason-Dixon poll tells us: “…Jones’s re-election chances will be affected by who he draws as his Republican challenger in 2020. Currently, Roy Moore – who Jones defeated in 2017 – is the top choice of GOP voters. Statewide, 27% … Continue reading

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Nutty Wife of Ex-Senator Appointed Judge

The Senate has confirmed Wendy Vitter (wife to ALLEGED sex fiend, diaper-enthusiast, ex-Senator David Vitter (R-Dead Madams)), to a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. Wendy Vitter once accused Planned Parenthood of killing over 150,000 females a year, and at … Continue reading

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Different Case, More Redactions!

Judge temporarily blocks release of Robert Kraft video in prostitution case “(CNN)A judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked the release of video that allegedly shows New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft receiving sexual services at a Florida day spa, Palm Beach … Continue reading

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Host Evicts Long-Term Couch Surfer

Julian Assange, he of WikiLeaks fame, got un-asylum’ed (is too a word!) by Ecuador and immediately was arrested by the Brits. Assange has been couch surfing in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012 after being released on bail in the U.K. … Continue reading

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Rubbing Shoulders (and other bits) With The Rich and Famous

Talking Points Memo brings us to to date on the Rub-n-Tug empresario Cindy Yang story: “Top Intelligence and Judiciary Committee Democrats on Friday wrote to the FBI, Secret Service and Director of National Intelligence asking them to investigate Cindy Yang, … Continue reading

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All the Best People

Florida Man Bob Kraft, the billionaire owner of the home of the deflated balls New England Patriots and longtime friend of Prznint HornDog, has been charged by Florida police with two counts of soliciting prostitution at a massage parlor. “JUPITER … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs In less than 1 minute, Miscegenation scholar Coach Dave gives us his unique insights into biology: Got that? The Skirts keep some DNA from every Bro they Ho, and your kid might not be all yours.

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Snowflakes Create App for Safe Space for Dating

Righter, the best dating app ever for #MAGA singles, is about to launch. Finally a dating site for us, by us, about us. Why swipe left when you can swipe #Righter! — Righter (@wearerighter) December 4, 2018 Poor snowflakes cannot … Continue reading

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#MeToo Gets School Dazed By DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy ‘Special Ed’ DeVos introduced new guidelines for how colleges will handle sexual assault and harassment charges, you know,  to give more rights to accused parties, including the right to cross-examine their accusers. “The proposal will give new rights … Continue reading

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Prznint Horndog & Campaign Finance Laws Don’t Mix

Axios tells us… President Trump directed or was personally involved in multiple payments of hush money to women claiming to have had sexual encounters with him — potentially breaking campaign finance laws, the Wall Street Journal reports. How he did … Continue reading

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