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Our Consolation Prize

Guys, only Justice Ginni Thomas, er, Clarence Thomas voted to keep Hair Füror’s Stupid Coup papers secret, so the January 6 Committee gets to see them now (officially): The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected former president Donald Trump’s request to … Continue reading

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Mr. Bumble Is Right Again

The Hill tells us… The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a request to block a federal mask mandate for air travel. The emergency application was filed by a father on behalf of himself and his 4-year-old autistic son, both of … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Decides Virus Has More Bodily Autonomy Than Women

In a bizarre bit of legal-fu, the Supreme Court has decided that President Handsome Joe Biden’s corporate vaccine mandate stepped on the rights of (the virus? Corporations?) to infect and kill workers: The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden … Continue reading

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SCOTUS: You Will Keep Working For Your Betters Until You Keel Over Dead From The Trump-Virus

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration wants to require employers with 100 or more employees to have their staff either fully vaccinated or submit to regular testing and wear a face mask at work, allowing for religious and medical objections. … Continue reading

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Spaciness, The Final Frontier

From the “You can fool some of the people all of the time” files: Justice Roberts Tops Federal Leaders in Americans’ Approval WASHINGTON, D.C. — Chief Justice John Roberts earns the highest job approval rating of 11 U.S. leaders rated … Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself

We’ve already noted that we have an illegitimate 6-3 SCOTUS and that it is high-time for some reform, and right on cue —as if to prove that we are right— CNN tells us: Democrats walk on eggshells around Breyer as … Continue reading

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California Takes Aim At Gundamentalists

Texas opened Pandora’s Box with their abortion vigilante bill, and it looks like California is using the same strategy, but against guns: Gavin Newsom says he’ll use Texas abortion law as model for gun-control measure “I am outraged by yesterday’s … Continue reading

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You Say You Want A Revolution

Yesterday, our pals over at Electoral-Vote had a piece up on the radicalism of the SCOTUS: “Now that there are five solid conservatives, they can safely ignore [Chief Justice John Roberts] since his vote no longer really matters. In cases … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Cannot say I’m surprised in the slightest: Americans of all political affiliations agree on one issue: they see the Supreme Court as mainly motivated by politics. More than 6 in 10 Americans, 61 percent, say the Supreme … Continue reading

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Report: Chief Justice Roberts Not Calling Balls And Strikes

This is pretty bad, but the Republicans on the SCOTUS brought this on themselves: 62% of Americans Say Politics, Not Law, Drives Supreme Court Decisions EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW is the motto of the Supreme Court of the United States, … Continue reading

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