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Boo! How to sculpt a pumpkin

Follow your passions, people! I’ve not seen this technique before, the skull looks amazing.

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There will always be a Britain

Police order gardener to cut ‘offensive’ middle finger-shaped bush (Hat tip: Scissorhead kctomato via Twitter)

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The MPS Speakeasy

Limoncello A picture I found on the web, really I don’t wear black nail polish… I think that as far as well-kept secrets go, that I love a good snort is probably the worst-kept secret of all. I think close … Continue reading

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The MPS Speak-Easy: Vin d’Orange

When GRS and I were talking about starting the Speak-Easy feature, this simple French country-side sip came to mind. I made it one year for some coworkers as Christmas presents, and well, let’s just say it was a mystery why … Continue reading

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The MPS Speakeasy

Welcome to the MPS Speakeasy! Just in time for the holidays, MPS is offering a bevy of beverage recipes to help celebrate the season. This first installment is brought to you by the letter Beer! Don’t be scared. Making your … Continue reading

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Media Warning Labels

Tom Scott Why didn’t I think of this first? You’d think with all the complaining and moaning I do about pundits I would have been all over this years ago. I’m so ashamed. Anyway, lots more here.

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Tengrain’s Little Cooking School: Rhubarb-Lavender Cocktails

This month in the Tigresses’ Canning Challenge, the secret ingredient is rhubarb (or asparagus); I made things from both ingredients before I left on the trip, and brought the pickled asparagus spears with me in the hamper on the train, … Continue reading

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My ReadyMade post for May 20

True Story: I had something else to post when we had a little earthquake, and my magazines, which were precariously stacked on the edge of the table near my favorite chair, fell over. Because my design philosophy is that design … Continue reading

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My Readymade Post for March 25

My sister, Whole Wheat, and I go to the SF Garden Show every year, it is part of our birthday tradition. I wonder around like the garden geek that I am, and we take copious notes and pictures. Somewhere along … Continue reading

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My ReadyMade Post for Feb. 25

Guess who just picked up some art from the framing shop? I’ve never been good at hanging pictures. I can never get them positioned right, and then when I finally commit to where I want them to go, I cannot … Continue reading

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