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A Toast To A Life Well-Lived: Scissorhead Dennis Cole

Scissorheads, As you know we Irish have a different perspective on Death. We know we will go to the Good Place and it is the good place because there won’t be any English* there, or so me blessed Irish Dad … Continue reading

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And Now, A Culture Break

Scissorhead Purplehead says we need some more class and clearly more decent people around the joint, so she’s points out some culture for youse mugs: Living art.. — Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) March 28, 2021 These are pretty great costumes, and … Continue reading

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Just Because

(H/T noted scholar of the classics,  Scissorhead Dennis Cole, who has found MPS’ patron philosopher.)

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We Are Influencers!

Guys, Lord Damp Nut must be reading MPS, because according to Tiger Beat on the Potomac the nasty press release he wrote about amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell’s W$J editorial was gonna say… A personal familiar with the crafting of the … Continue reading

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Bad Answers, Cont.

I think we found our role model.

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Housekeeping Note

Guys, I’m hosting the morning round-up at Crooks and Liars this week! Yay! So… if you have a blog post you would like to nominate (perhaps something you have written that you would like to share, blow your own horn, … Continue reading

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Meet Our New Hero!

Several Scissorheads have pointed me to this story, which I must admit, has MPS all over it (eww, gross): Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device He’s one of us! An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to … Continue reading

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Just Sayin’

We could see a run on guillotines, which is OK by me. I gotta list.

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‘The Best Way Out Is Always Through’

That’s a quote from the poet Robert Frost, and I’ve always enjoyed it. Back when those Hobbit movies were all the rage, I thought about it as our tiny heroes —against all odds— saved Middle Earth, not by running away … Continue reading

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Never, Ever Change

Scissorheads – Have I mentioned lately how lovely you all are? Thank you all so much for spending this year with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We are the cats herded by events outside of our … Continue reading

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