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Whaddup, Ohio?

Ohio doctor tells lawmakers COVID-19 vaccine can leave people magnetized, interfaced with 5G towers Oh? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testified in favor of House Bill 248 which would keep a business or the government from requiring vaccinations. During her testimony Tenpenny … Continue reading

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Your Postprandial Stupid is Served

Shorter theocracy: “Jeebus died for our sins, and it is time YOU repaid him.”

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The Dumbest Man In The Senate Has Suspicions

Ron Johnson, the Louie Gohmert of the Senate, is adding a new item to his Wikipedia entry: Vaccine Conspiracist. It takes a special kind of crackpot to suggest that the gubmint has some sort of evil plan in wanting to … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

The Q’idiots are leaving a mark on Congress. Boebert and Greene were the ONLY people in Congress to vote against the Transplant Act, a bill that reauthorizes the National Marrow Donor Program, for people who have leukemia and other diseases. Including kids, … Continue reading

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Science Proves: GQP Doesn’t Like Science

Axios morning email thingie (enigmatic bullet usage and emboldening is theirs): Vaccine enthusiasm has increased but a giant group is holding out — Republicans, Axios Vitals author Caitlin Owens reports. Nearly half of Republican men — 49% — said in an NPR/PBS … Continue reading

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Science Proves: The GQP Doesn’t Like Science

This is tragic though entirely predictable (emphasis mine): Positive views of the effects of science on society have edged lower since the pandemic, driven by declining views among Republicans. Two-thirds of U.S. adults say the impact of science on society … Continue reading

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The Very Definition of Non-Essential Worker Has Suggestion

SoyBlo It started off innocently enough: When I see that #MeghanMcCain #SoylentBlonde is trending, I know she’s said something stupid, usually self-centered and dripping with entitlement. So what was it? — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) February 23, 2021 Scissorhead Moeman … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Quote of the Day, Today!

Beto O’Rourke in The Hill: “The energy capital of North America cannot provide enough energy to warm and power people’s homes,” O’Rourke said. “We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God or natural … Continue reading

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Supreme Court News

  Politico tells us that Jeebus wins over science in the age of the Trump-Virus Pandemic: Supreme Court lifts California worship bans prompted by coronavirus The ruling issued just before 11 p.m. ET Friday produced four separate statements by the … Continue reading

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Some After Dinner Ick?

Couldn’t Eat A Byte SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!1! Singapore becomes first country to approve lab-grown meat “…The product, created from cultured chicken cells, has been approved as an ingredient in chicken bites following Singapore Food Agency (SFA) approval, Eat Just … Continue reading

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