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The Very Definition of Non-Essential Worker Has Suggestion

SoyBlo It started off innocently enough: When I see that #MeghanMcCain #SoylentBlonde is trending, I know she’s said something stupid, usually self-centered and dripping with entitlement. So what was it? — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) February 23, 2021 Scissorhead Moeman … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Quote of the Day, Today!

Beto O’Rourke in The Hill: “The energy capital of North America cannot provide enough energy to warm and power people’s homes,” O’Rourke said. “We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God or natural … Continue reading

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Supreme Court News

  Politico tells us that Jeebus wins over science in the age of the Trump-Virus Pandemic: Supreme Court lifts California worship bans prompted by coronavirus The ruling issued just before 11 p.m. ET Friday produced four separate statements by the … Continue reading

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Some After Dinner Ick?

Couldn’t Eat A Byte SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!1! Singapore becomes first country to approve lab-grown meat “…The product, created from cultured chicken cells, has been approved as an ingredient in chicken bites following Singapore Food Agency (SFA) approval, Eat Just … Continue reading

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Stable Jenius Makes Wicked Burn!

Trump Thinks This Is an Insult: Biden ‘Will Listen to the Scientists’ President Donald Trump attempted to make fun of former Vice President Joe Biden during a campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada, on Sunday by saying “he’ll listen to … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking From Prznint Stupid

Lord Damp Nut’s public comments (not the crimes he confesses to Bob Woodward) on climate change and the Trump-Virus should are weirdly similar. Let’s compare and contrast! “It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch…I don’t think science knows, actually.” — … Continue reading

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‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

A quick lightning round of Facebook in the news before Comcast continues their daily mischief! (I’ll keep adding to this until I cannot – the truck is outside!) Fact-check of viral climate misinformation quietly removed from Facebook “…The article, authored … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Facebook now?

And here we go again: How CO2 boosters’ op-ed slipped by Facebook fact-checkers A team of climate scientists working as approved fact checkers for Facebook evaluated a post last year by a White House-connected group that claims the world needs … Continue reading

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Failure to Launch

The SpaceX failure to send Americans into space yesterday really isn’t a politics story… until it was. NYTimes (emphasis mine): At Cape Canaveral, Trump’s Search for a Heroic Narrative Is Thwarted “For President Trump, it was a chance to rewrite … Continue reading

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Meet Our New Hero!

Several Scissorheads have pointed me to this story, which I must admit, has MPS all over it (eww, gross): Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device He’s one of us! An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to … Continue reading

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