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Eat The Rich, Part Infinity

“People seemed shocked to find that the rich have much better access to healthcare in America. That injustice has been true for decades—the pandemic just makes it more obvious.” —Bioethicist Arthur Caplan in Recode

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US Big Bidness Sees The Bright Side of Climate Change!

Eat the Rich While it is undoubtedly true that global climate change is going to inflict untold pain on every living thing on this ol’ blue marble, we note with pride that American ingenuity wants to take that rainy day … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

“Regarding the question as to climate change, I think the President was fairly straightforward — we’re not spending money on that anymore; we consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that. So that … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Bailey’s Chronicles, Cont.

Livewire: When asked again about Bannon and the “hatred” that he has stoked, Priebus called on Americans not to judge Bannon. “I think everyone out there can agree that you judge people as you see them, not as other people … Continue reading

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The October Surprise(s)

Rat Eff’ing Today WikiLeaks has cancelled their previously announced, Clinton-related, um, rat-effing: Julian Assange canceled a much-anticipated announcement that some believe could be the “October surprise” the WikiLeaks founder has hinted at for weeks, but the revelation could still come … Continue reading

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The Quotable Rev. Fishsticks

“The real question is not whether Donald Trump is a racist, but whether the judge who’s handling his case is and I think it’s legitimate for Donald Trump to have questions about that. I’m not saying the judge is a … Continue reading

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How’s that Rebranding Working For Ya, Reince (cont.)

Here we go again: American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray can be heard explaining to an audience at the University of Texas that his views on women had not changed since a 2005 paper, in which he asserted that one … Continue reading

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A Populist Rant

Majorities of the middle class have voted against their own self interest since the Reagan Era began. We remain in a death spiral where our chest-tightening, middle-class anxiety feeds our bad choices — fueled by not-even-below-the-surface racial/gender/sexual orientation hatred and … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

“If turnout is in the 30s, the low 30s, we’re gonna win. If it gets higher up in Fairfax [in Democratic-leaning Northern Virginia], say like 40, it’s likely we won’t. I don’t think it’s going to hit 40 anywhere. I’m … Continue reading

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If you want to know why I no longer watch sports or am interested in it, look no farther than this Atlantic article. After listing example after example of billionaire team owners getting public money for their stadiums (and living … Continue reading

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