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Portraits in Courage, part infinity

The gang of four conservatives (Schrödinger’s Senator, Ayatollah Ted, RoJo teh Stupid, and Mike ‘denser than diamonds’ Lee) who are preventing amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell’s lap dance for the Koch brothers, are unlikely to be swayed to vote in favor … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Ayatollah Ted!

Uber backpfeifengesicht Ayatollah Ted Cruz is back to his mid-season form of trying to sabotage the government: “You know, I think there will be plenty of time for debate on that issue,’ said Cruz, when he was asked whether a … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Traitor Joe?

Jewish Week tells us: Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the first Jew to appear on a national presidential ticket, told Fox News he’s thinking of supporting Republican Donald Trump. He’s still undecided in this year’s race between Trump and … Continue reading

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Water Seeks Its Own Level: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Edition

As if on cue, American Crossroads has endorsed serial failure Debbie Wasserman Schultz: American Crossroads announced Tuesday it is endorsing Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District Democratic primary. Crossroads’ President and CEO Steven Law had this to say … Continue reading

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Takes One To Know One

The Death of the Media From Juan Williams writing in the Wall Street Journal, who sings the praises of Clarence Thomas as a race healer:   “Justice Thomas, who has been on the court nearly a quarter-century, remains a polarizing … Continue reading

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The DFHs Were Right (Again)

It’s getting to be a trope, but it seems that we dirty-freaking-hippies are almost always right and after it is too late, then they admit it: “We had the votes in ’09. We had a huge majority in the House, … Continue reading

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I repeat myself:

I don’t mind sending Max “Single Payer” Baucus to China. It’s the return trip I object to: President Barack Obama formally announced Friday plans to nominate Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) as ambassador to China. “For more than two decades Max … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

“I’m sure that our enemies are cheering now as a result of this decision.” Former Senator –Traitor Joe, on Fox News (of course) talking about The Kenyan’s decision to seek Congressional approval instead of just attacking Syria. Traitor Joe is … Continue reading

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In his own words

“No.” –Weepy McDrunky answers the question, whether Republicans were “eventually going to have to raise taxes in some way” if the president wins in November.

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One down… 99 to go

Ben Nelson announces his retirement. “Public office is a place for public service, not personal profit. It’s about promoting the common good, not the agenda of the radical right or the radical left. It’s about fairness for all, not privileges … Continue reading

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