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Tengrain Presents…

(Peggy Noonan’s Blog) (UPDATE: I’m putting this on the front page because it was mentioned on The Professional Left Podcast and people are looking for it. Fresher posts below. Thank you to Bluegal and Driftglass for the hat tip.)

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It’s Chinatown, Jake, er, Georgia

7-Car Pile-Up In Georgia: 6 Drivers Get DUIs In Massive Crash Don’t Judge: If you lived down there, you’d spend all day iced to the eyebrows, too. OK, actually: Judge away! (Hat tip: Scissorhead Karen Zipdrive)

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Salon asks the obvious question:

“Is John Boehner hitting the bottle?” “No one with any credibility has come out and said that Boehner is an alcoholic. The Fix contacted a large number of politicians, former colleagues and opponents for input, including former Speaker Dennis Hastert, … Continue reading

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In Which Ann Althouse Learns to Count

“We have 54 trees in the White House… 54! That’s a lot of trees,” said Michelle Obama, decorously refraining from calling them Christmas trees. We, the taxpayers, paid for them, whether they symbolize anything religious or not. We’re also paying … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan Writes a Blog Post!

Once again, we have our lady of the words Peggington Noonington, official scribe to the Republican Party, offering sound advice to the GOP on what to do about a problem like Willard: Time for the party to step up. Romney … Continue reading

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From the mouths of (drunken) babes

Ok, it is not news that The Willard Mechanism refuses to be specific or give any detail about any of his plans, but he even made notable GOP testicle cozy David Gregory appear to have some vestigial journalism in his … Continue reading

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The Feast of Saint Breitbart

I’m sure that’s how they see their beloved Saint Breitbart, pierced by the arrows of outrageous fortune, a martyr to the cause.

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You cannot make up this stuff

Rick Perry challenges Nancy Pelosi to a presidential debate. Does the dimwit theocrat secessionist think he is running against Nancy now? (The Hill)

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Extra! Extra! Read all About It!

Wonkette has a post up with Dame Peggington Noonington drinking Fox’s Major Garrett under the table, and then who knows what happened?! He has pictures, and if her damn bag wasn’t in the way, you could see the Mai Tai.

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