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It is to laugh

Sarah Palin in 2016 (LATimes — not The Onion)

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About That Equal Pay Thing

Binders are people my friend. Why yes, there is a tumblr for Binder Full of Women. A question asking if a person supports equal pay regardless of gender seems like a simple “yes” or “no” question. So never mind the … Continue reading

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Hey guys, remember the other day when His Willardness was seemingly shooting ping pong balls out of his ass at little school girls? Me Neither!, anyway some of you wanted context for the picture, and here it is, an apology … Continue reading

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Thoroughly Modern Mitt

You have to hand it to Mittens – he might be the most thoroughly transparent candidate in the history of the Republican Party.  With the sacking removal voluntary leaving of the thoroughly loathsome Ric Grennel, the thoroughly spineless Mitt  Romney … Continue reading

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A Chance Meeting At A Restaurant

The other night, Sarah went out to dinner with some of her friends, and she just happened to sit next to

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Ghost of Christmas Present

I’m dreaming of an all-white America Just like the one we used to know Where school prayers are loud, guns are shown proud And gays are not part of the crowd I’m dreaming of an all-white America With every Christmas … Continue reading

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Never Bet On Anything That Talks

Playing with the queen of Texas Knowin’ it ain’t really smart The joker ain’t the only fool Who’ll do anything for you Laying out another lie, thinking ’bout a life of crime That’s what I’ll have to do to keep … Continue reading

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