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It’s come to our attention that the sobriquet for Fratsputin and The First Shady needs a Mock, Paper, Scissors frisson of elegance. Sure, the media is calling them the sickeningly cute Jarvanka, but it is lacking the correct essence of … Continue reading

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Your Midday Palate Cleanser is Cancelled: Vote!

We promised a rigged election to bequeath a MPS sobriquet for Elmer Gantry’s Daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (she who would replace our beloved Dumb Spice the Angry Inch as the press secretary for The Russian Usurper), and so here it … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

[Ed: Nominations closed. — TG] Tiger Beat on the Potomac: Trump was pleased with deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ performance on Friday, when she first filled in for Spicer on camera during the midday briefing, three White House aides … Continue reading

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So who is Mike Pence auditioning now?…Future-former Gov. Pat McCrory, the defeated governor of North Carolina (R-Panty Sniffer), that’s who! Two days after conceding in the North Carolina gubernatorial race, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory plans to meet with President-elect Donald … Continue reading

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Trump TeeVee Pop Quiz!

OK, Scissorheads, you’ve been asking for a Pop Quiz in re: Trump TeeVee, but we’re gonna mix it up a little. Because we know Trump names everything after himself, well, the Trump News Network seems like a forgone conclusion. That … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

We learned this morning via the email thingie from Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!): The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty has signed a deal to write “the definitive biography of Nancy Reagan, showing how she more than anyone in … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

The NYPost today refers to the (alleged) Ted Cruz extramarital affairs as The Cuban Mistress Crisis—well played, Post, well played!—and I know Scissorheads can do better! Write a NYP-style headline for the Cruz affair (see what I did there?) for … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

In the post yesterday wherein Babs-the-Impaler makes a low-energy endorsement of her low-energy son ¡JEB! the Smartest Bush®, we didn’t know that she also put a handwritten note into the campaign mailer: In the handwritten mailer also going out from … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

We note that the very paternalistic candidates (including Fire ‘Em All Fiorina) from Y’all Qaeda have unusual ways of talking down to Hillary Clinton, what with schlonging her, etc. We read just this morning that a new fetish is added … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

We’re keeping this post on top because we need an answer to this vital question… The World’s Worst Pundit and Best Sociopath Bill Kristol is calling for some help (according to Tiger Beat on the Potomac– thanks Charlie): –@BillKristol: “Crowd-sourcing: … Continue reading

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