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And Now, A Musical Interlude

LYRICS Well, come gather around and I’ll sing you a song About a crazy old world that’s coming along ‘Til one day some fool made the decision To turn on the television Of course radio reported we’d all ignore it … Continue reading

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So… This Happened

House hearing forced to recess as ‘Galaxy Quest,’ ‘Down Periscope’ play in background As Rep. Marcy Kaptur began Monday’s House Appropriations subcommittee hearing, she seemed completely unaware of the peril the crew of the USS Stingray was in. “As this … Continue reading

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Bonus Tracks

Because we are all about pop culture, and you are wondering why we are asking this hypothetical question… who would win, Superman or Mighty Mouse, we present Godzilla vs. Kong: A scientist decides who would really win After years of … Continue reading

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And Now, A Culture Break

Scissorhead Purplehead says we need some more class and clearly more decent people around the joint, so she’s points out some culture for youse mugs: Living art.. — Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) March 28, 2021 These are pretty great costumes, and … Continue reading

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And Now, A Dance Break

I’m told Anderson Cooper(!) took 60 Minutes to Boston Dynamics for a dance party. Aside from how cool and kinda creepy this is (and I will never have moves like these machines),  I keep hearing the voice of B9 from … Continue reading

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You Say Po-Tat-O….

Last night, when I fired up the ol’ electric twitter machine, I noticed  that Meghan McCain was again trending along with Potato Head. “Redundant,” thought I, and did not pursue whatever it was that SoyBlo did. Anyway, imagine my surprise this … Continue reading

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When the Innernet Comes Back To Bite You

I laughed so hard I… The most blasphemous Star Trek shitpost I have ever made or could possibly ever make. You've been warned. — David Lebo (@leboism) February 19, 2021

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Worst. Bond. Villainess. Ever. Has Made A New Movie

Oh sweet jeebus, this is everything: Mme. Living Typo  wrote, produced, and directed a movie starring herself and it is as good as you’d think:

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Dewy, Cheatum, and Howe Decline Trump As Client

It comes as a shock that notorious invoice stiffer and twice-impeached grifter Prznint Stupid is not finding any legal talent to defend him in the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate: Allies of the outgoing president have been canvassing Washington’s … Continue reading

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Bond, James Bond, Will Be Home For Christmas

Engadget tells us: The new James Bond flick No Time To Die might be stuck in limbo thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you will have plenty of spy action to watch in the meantime. SlashFilm and io9 report that … Continue reading

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