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Boo! How to sculpt a pumpkin

Follow your passions, people! I’ve not seen this technique before, the skull looks amazing.

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My day explained in a graphic

Not that I’m bitter.

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Media Warning Labels

Tom Scott Why didn’t I think of this first? You’d think with all the complaining and moaning I do about pundits I would have been all over this years ago. I’m so ashamed. Anyway, lots more here.

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“Oh, James!”

All the Bond, James Bond, posters UK and US all in one place. Continue reading

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Crayola’s Law:

Marginal Revolution The colors double every 28 years. (Via Andrew Sullivan)

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Microsoft threatens us again!

The richest company on the planet, Microsoft, the Seattle-based dastardly maker of spam- and spy-ware, virus-riddled crap Windows is now threatening to send more jobs overseas if Steve Balmer — of the infamous Monkey Dance fame — does not get … Continue reading

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Apologies to the Scissorheads…

Scissorheads — I changed ISPs this week to Covad, and I have had less than a 50% connection rate. I will say categorically, don’t use them. This was a mistake. I’m really sorry that things have been so hit an … Continue reading

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My ReadyMade Post for June 3

I like the way I snuck in MPS into ReadyMade Magazines blog… This is really a simple art project — even those who claim to be artistically untalented can do this, and it is a lot of fun. I really … Continue reading

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My Readymade Post for May 6

Another true one, folks: I made a little booklet to store all my favorite fortunes from the Chinese restaurant. I generally only keep them if they are funny. (One of my all time favorites is a typo: “Nothing is difficult … Continue reading

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My Readymade Post for March 4

Yup – another fold it project. Admittedly, not everyone is going to need to make seed packets, but if you should, who’s da man? Tengrain is! If you are a member of the Seed Saver’s Exchange, right about now you … Continue reading

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