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Eiron, the Goddess of Irony Laughed So Hard She Farted

Diamond is gone, there is only Silk. If only there had been a vaccine. Diamond and Silk were vaccine deniers to the bitter end (and beyond) and there’s no telling how many people they influenced to not get vaccinated and … Continue reading

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Have They Tried Fish Tank Cleaner?

Good work, anti-Vaxxers: A rapidly growing measles outbreak in Columbus, Ohio — largely involving unvaccinated children — is fueling concerns among health officials that more parent resistance to routine childhood immunizations will intensify a resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. Most of … Continue reading

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One Lump or Stupid or Two, Ron?

DeSantis: "Today, I'm announcing a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to enpanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to covid-19 vaccines." — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 13, 2022 Culture … Continue reading

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GOP Rallies to Expose The Troops!

This is too stupid: A massive bill setting defense policy is likely to end the military vaccine mandate, a source familiar with the negotiations tells CNN, coming on the heels of intense GOP lobbying to kill the mandate and acceptance … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Ted Cruz?

Thanks, @sesamestreet for saying parents are allowed to have questions! You then have @elmo aggressively advocate for vaccinating children UNDER 5. But you cite ZERO scientific evidence for this. Learn more: — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 28, 2022 He’s … Continue reading

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In Pandemic News

As all the flags go to half-mast to grimly acknowledge One Million Dead Americans from the Trump-Virus, we’re eff’ed in the dark again: WASHINGTON (AP) — White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha issued a dire warning Thursday that the … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, MSM?

Told ya: Trevor Noah joked about the event becoming a superspreader — and now the cases are rolling in. The annual White House Correspondents Dinner, along with the festivities held in the days before and after it, have led to … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Disinformation Alert: The Trump-Virus vaccine gives people AIDS: On Rumble, anti-vaxxer Todd Callender says “[COVID] shots caused vaccine-induced AIDS. They purposefully gave people AIDS.” Ron Johnson: "You gotta do one step at a time. Everything you say … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

We have an update from the Convoy driving nowhere to protest something that never happened: Couldn’t have scripted that better. — Markos Moulitsas (@markos) March 22, 2022 Eiron deserves a raise for that one.  

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FL GOP Makes Kids New Weapon in Culture War

This is a new low: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s controversial surgeon general announced Monday that the state is breaking with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and will be the first state in the nation to recommend … Continue reading

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