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Be Careful Out There (Trump-Virus, Part Infinity)

As we say here, we might be done with the pandemic, but the Trump-Virus ain’t done with us: The number of attendees who have tested positive for the coronavirusafterlast weekend’s Gridiron dinner has risen to 67, organizers say, including Agriculture … Continue reading

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GOP Keeps On Truckin’

The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming: WASHINGTON – An organizer of one of the truck convoys headed to D.C. later this week says there are plans to shut down the Capital Beltway. “We will be along the Beltway … Continue reading

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And In New Mexico…

The teachers are sick, but you know, send your kids to school anyway: [New Mexico] Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Wednesday announced the initiative, which encourages state workers and National Guard members to volunteer to become licensed as substitute teachers … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaxxers Have New Protocol Possibility

As your medical advisor, I suggest you stuff your face full of gummies as you read this: A chemical found in live cannabis plants could help protect human cells against coronavirus infections, research suggests. A study by scientists at Oregon … Continue reading

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Hey Ohio, Whaddup?

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) seems nice: Let’s recall that the Nazis dehumanized Jewish people before segregating them, segregated them before imprisoning them, imprisoned them before enslaving them, and enslaved them before massacring them. — Warren Davidson (@WarrenDavidson) January 12, 2022 … Continue reading

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Oh Canada: Let’s Try This, Eh!

Guys, Canada is beating us like the red-haired stepchildren of a rented mule (or whatever that expression is): The number of appointments for the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has risen sharply this week in Quebec, according to Health Minister … Continue reading

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France Takes No Prisoners in War on Trump-Virus

Vive La France: In an interview with Le Parisien newspaper on Tuesday, [French President] Macron said: “I’m not for pissing off the French … Now the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so, we’re going to keep … Continue reading

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There’s No Cure for the Stupid

I was reading last night in Mary Roach’s new book Fuzz that in the Middle Ages, some city brought a lawsuit against caterpillars and ordered them to appear in court to explain themselves. This is almost as stupid: Under a … Continue reading

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Bless their hearts, some Texans went to the Big Apple, y’all

Does this count as ‘don’t mess with Texas’? Texas Tourists Arrested for Assaulting NYC Restaurant Hostess Checking Vaccine Cards The hostess at an Italian restaurant in New York City was attacked Thursday by three tourists from Texas after she asked … Continue reading

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Great Signs, Cont.

I know @Tengrain will dig this. — 🇨🇦 moeman 🧡 give a fuck VOTE✌🏻 (@moeman61) September 3, 2021 Scissorhead Moeman is right: I totally dug this!

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