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Compare and Contrast

During the 2020 Goat Rodeo when Hair Füror got the Trump-Virus: Jill and I send our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health and safety of … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Ted Cruz?

Thanks, @sesamestreet for saying parents are allowed to have questions! You then have @elmo aggressively advocate for vaccinating children UNDER 5. But you cite ZERO scientific evidence for this. Learn more: — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 28, 2022 He’s … Continue reading

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Pandemic News: We Are A Stupid People

Guys, Axios tells us that many Americans believe (not gonna say “think” because, well, Americans) that the Trump-Virus is ov-ah (emphasis and enigmatic bullet usage is totally theirs): One in three Americans now says the pandemic is over — despite … Continue reading

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In Pandemic News

As all the flags go to half-mast to grimly acknowledge One Million Dead Americans from the Trump-Virus, we’re eff’ed in the dark again: WASHINGTON (AP) — White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha issued a dire warning Thursday that the … Continue reading

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The Trump-Virus Clobbered Possum Hollar

Gee, I wonder why? “Non-COVID” Excess Death Rates Ran 21x Higher In Reddest Counties Than Bluest In 2021 The report is thick with statistics and charts, but early on is the simple explanation: In some cases, the cause of death … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, MSM?

Told ya: Trevor Noah joked about the event becoming a superspreader — and now the cases are rolling in. The annual White House Correspondents Dinner, along with the festivities held in the days before and after it, have led to … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Disinformation Alert: The Trump-Virus vaccine gives people AIDS: On Rumble, anti-vaxxer Todd Callender says “[COVID] shots caused vaccine-induced AIDS. They purposefully gave people AIDS.” Ron Johnson: "You gotta do one step at a time. Everything you say … Continue reading

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Some Post-Prandial Stupid?

Our old pal One-L has the Trump-Virus and cannot be on camera because you might see how ill she really is: Michele Bachmann was on a prayer call last night and explained why she was unable to appear on camera: … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Well, after floundering around rudderless for a few days… “It is CDC’s continuing assessment that at this time an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for the public health,” the agency said in … Continue reading

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More on Masks

The fallout from the nutty Floriduh Judge lifting the mask mandate continues: The Biden administration remains at a loss in responding to a federal judge’s ruling striking down the pandemic mask requirement for plane and rail travel, with the White … Continue reading

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