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Summer Replacement Series: Bob McDonnell Trial

For those of you looking for fresh scandal now that benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!!1! seems to be in summer reruns, we present for your entertainment the grasping Bob McDonnell’s—and his social climbing wife Maureen—trial for corruption, which begins tomorrow! The onetime … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged, Pt. 2

Hey guys, did you know that Atlas Shrugged 2: The Strike was released? Me Neither! And there I was making fun of it last year when they were begging people to donate money to it and asking unpaid labor to … Continue reading

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So Wingnuttia went to the plantation…

…and all I got was this lousy 3-month delay: “House Republicans are backing away from their threat to plunge the United States into a catastrophic budget default and will instead pursue the somewhat less reckless strategy of passing a three-month … Continue reading

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You can buy a white van for less than $20,000 (but I’m only guessing)

My father the trial lawyer used to tell us growing up that we should never volunteer information when on the witness stand, so in a way I guess he was a fan of the sin of omission. I bring this … Continue reading

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This exists

Yes, that is a new brand of bottled tea being promoted by Rush. “Two if by Tea” is not available in any stores, you have to order it from their website. “And there I am in all of my glory … Continue reading

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Arizonastan Update

Hey guys, remember when Arizonastan started racial profiling and asking everyone on the street for their papers? Me neither! But it seems that their tough-guy deputy dawg media whore Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a bit of a problem on his … Continue reading

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“Ha-ha, just kidding!”

Remember the other day when Weepy shocked everyone by saying that subsidies for Big Oil “should be on the negotiating table?” Me Neither! But he did say it, and oops! Just kidding.

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Them’s fighting words!

I consider bloggers to be journalists, but worry that some don’t subscribe to the same ethical standards (such as disclosure of conflicts of interest) as most traditional journalists. –Larry Magid, columnist and media personality Even on my worst day, I … Continue reading

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Weepy the Orange Weeps More

Hahahaha! Now I know why Weepy wanted the US Taxpayer to pick up the tab for BP’s environmental disaster: he bought about $50,000 of BP stock, which –HAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA! — he bought right before the rig blew up real good. Which … Continue reading

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Notorious Plane Crasher Aided by Infamous Plane Builders

Grandpa Walnuts, perhaps the only member of the old-boys club known as the US Senate with five plane crashes under his belt, is getting some serious cheddar from the people who build the planes he loved to crash. In his … Continue reading

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