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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs I think today we need this earth-shaking news: COCKER SPANIEL Mortified dog walker forced to chase pet for 15 minutes after he found SEX TOY on morning stroll in park There will always be a Britain. … Continue reading

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Former Clinton staffer launches new anti-Trump site:

It’s great when traditional media explains slang, especially when they have to publish the dirty words. The site is tracking Trump’s conflicts since becoming President Elect. Not sure if there’s enough terabytes out there to document everything in his past. … Continue reading

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“We all want answers.” – Ferguson Round-up

This is America, not a war zone. The people of #Ferguson just want answers. We all want answers. — Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) August 14, 2014 The drama in Ferguson Missouri continues, not just the para-military police action on the ground, … Continue reading

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The Writers Strike Back!

In Sunday’s NYT there is going to be an open letter to Amazon signed by over 900 authors, many of them best selling, who are protesting that company’s business practices. It’s pretty astonishing when you think about what Amazon is … Continue reading

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Not Guilty

A Florida jury of six women acquitted George Zimmerman on Saturday night in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. I’ve been reluctant to comment on the case while it was being pursued, and it might be because I was raised … Continue reading

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The Knee-bone is Connected to the Thigh-bone…

Eat your heart out, Cannibal Cop: Cannibalism at Jamestown Colony. The first chops, to the forehead, did not go through the bone and are perhaps evidence of hesitancy about the task. The next set, after the body was rolled over, … Continue reading

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We Report, You Decide

Anderson Cooper’s team tracked down a scam artist bilking cash in the wake of Newtown. In the name of reporting the facts of the story, around the 1:40 mark of the clip, even Anderson Cooper gives a look of, “What … Continue reading

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Paging the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Know as Prince Again

Hubba-hubba Now here’s some news you can use: Purple is the most amorous color, according to a new study which found that people who decorate their bedrooms in the color have the most active sex lives. The survey of 2,000 … Continue reading

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The Morning Fishwrap

Death of the Media By now everyone has seen the little filler article that states that Apple Inc. has more cash on hand than the US government, right? Well, this being Silicon Valley, our newspaper The San Jose Mercury News … Continue reading

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I’d believe it

NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger, on defeating their new pay wall: “Can people go around the system?” Sulzberger asked during an appearance at The Paley Center for Media here. “The answer is yes. There are going to be ways. “Just as … Continue reading

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