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Activism: Net Neutrality: It’s Show Time

Pinned because it’s still not too late, barely. O- Thanks to Scissorhead Sirius Lunacy After four months of debate, the FCC is nearly ready to stop accepting feedback on its proposal to kill net neutrality. Final comments are due this Wednesday, August … Continue reading

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*You* Are the Product

We’ve long said that what sets Facebook aside is not that they sell ads that are directed towards you, it is that they harvest and mine your data and sell that to the ad agencies. And you give them this … Continue reading

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Want a Second Helping Of Fries With Your Stupid

"Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government. — Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) November 10, 2014 Jeebus, Cruz is as dumb as he looks and he has accepted a shit-ton of … Continue reading

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