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Ever wonder what it’s like to ride a roller coaster with Joy Division’s Ian Curtis

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Name The Movie

NSFW-ish video. Catchy song with a video for movie buffs.

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Pop Culture

The Dixie Chicks are stirring things up again: I hope that there’s no backlash for them this time.

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Flashback Friday

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New Music

A couple of new tunes soon to be released. The Lumineers happen to be a band that I and the little grs’s can agree to leave on the dial, so I’m pretty excited for the new release. It’s amazing how … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee Music

Underworld has some new music out. Also, too some older Underworld

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Flashback Friday

NSFW-ish because of Chilli Peppers? Themes are hard to come up with.

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Best Bowie Cover Released in the Past Week

Maybe slightly NSFW-ish video depending where you’re at.

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Never Surrender Forever

If the Greyhound passes by your house, you just might be able to get him to perform at your kid’s party.

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Flashback Friday

It seems there’s revisionist history with 80s hair metal on the intertubes. Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Please don’t try to re-invent this:

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