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And now, a musical interlude

Maybe this should be part of the heartwarming holidays of HORROR?

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And Now, A Little Culture

Dvorak Symphony 9 performed on balloon — score follower (@incipitsify) November 12, 2022 Never say that MPS is not a classy joint, ya bums! (Hat tip: Scissorhead Purplehead)

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A Little Night Music

Hat tip: Scissorhead GRS

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

This finally came to my attention: Ben Shapiro has opinions about… Ben Shapiro complains: "These are the standards in our society. Using the word 'spaz' in a song – totally bad, horrible, remove it, offensive. Having full-scale songs for children … Continue reading

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Some Sunday Sounds

The Sunday Talkies are just Joe Manchin (the Full Ginsberg for Manchin, and I think I’m in hell), so instead we’re going to listen to some tunes. Hope everyone has a peaceful morning. (Hat Tip: Scissorhead GRS)

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And Now, A Musical Interlude

OK, Sci-Fi Nerds, respond!

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And Now, A Musical Interlude

I find those robot dogs unnerving, even when performing Rolling Stones.

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And Now, A Halloween Musical Interlude

(H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

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And Now, A Musical Interlude

Austria is a land of enchantment, it seems. (Also, it’s like Google really knows me when it suggests these things.)

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Here They Go Again: ABBA Returns

“We took a break in the spring of 1982 and now we’ve decided it’s time to end it,” ABBA said in a statement Thursday. “They say it’s foolhardy to wait more than 40 years between albums, so we’ve recorded a … Continue reading

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