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New Music Friday (the Real Palate Cleanser!)

You guys, after a week like this one, I think we all need some puppy love.

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Pop Culture!

This is really cool, it’s a sort of visualization of the weekly top 5 songs from the 1950s to the present. Slide the slide on the right to whatever date you are interested in and listen (and watch!) in awe … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

First, the set-up courtesy of Axios: 19 Democratic candidates visited the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame yesterday to deliver a five-minute campaign pitch to a throng of state party activists — and they hit the stage with a walk-out song … Continue reading

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And Now, A Musical Interlude

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Morning Coffee Music

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That Self Awareness In Music

The cynicism in these tracks.

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My Nose Runs, My Feet Smell, And Jeebus Don’t Love Huckabee No More

After a week of such crappy news, here’s a little news flash that shows us sometimes good does win: “Mike Huckabee resigned after a day as a member of the Country Music Association Foundation Board because of a heated protest … Continue reading

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Summer Songs Sound Track

OK, this really bugged me: I don’t agree with the vast majority of their choices for Songs of the Summer: I mean, come’on! It’s like all the New Wave of the ’80, the punk of the ’70, Michael Jackson (!) … Continue reading

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Musical Interlude

That’s pretty amazing. Methinks the Fourth Reich is going to lose their stuffing if they see this. (Apologies to GRS for stepping on his musical toes.)

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Morning Coffee Music

A recent conversation at MPS has had this song and video on my mind for a week or two.

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