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Stupid Fiddles While America Dies

Tiger Beat on the Potomat (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie begins our day by setting the scene for us: FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND, FOUR-HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE Americans died from the coronavirus as of Saturday. At least. Which means that, by now — … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz Looks Hungrily at Your Kids

“Schools are an appetizing opportunity.” Oz has a strange idea of what school lunch means, I guess? Only 2- or maybe 3-percent of your kids will die, which is totally cool with Dr. Oz. I’d like to nominate Junior Mints … Continue reading

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You First, Buddy

Let’s meet Trey Hollingworth (R – IN) who is telling us that it’s time to shove gramma into the jaws of death, like a common Dan Patrick: WASHINGTON–We have to get Americans back to work, says Indiana Representative Trey Hollingsworth … Continue reading

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Monster Factory Foreman Doesn’t Have Regrets

This thread by Rick Wilson is pretty great, please read. We’ll wait. 1/ Watching all this slow, grinding failure and the mounting death toll because of this low, dumb, corrupt man and his low, dumb, corrupt enablers and his low, … Continue reading

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Weinstein Is Guilty

They took him away, in handcuffs. Axios has the details. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance: “These are the eight women who changed the course of history in the fight against sexual violence. These are eight women who pulled our justice … Continue reading

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Crown Prince Bone Saw Has Corporate American Apologists

Uber is appalling, part infinity: Uber CEO on Saudi Arabia’s killing of Jamal Khashoggi: “It’s a serious mistake. We’ve made mistakes too, right, with self-driving … So I think that people make mistakes. It doesn’t mean that they can never … Continue reading

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#MoscowMitch Gets A Moment Outside His Turtle Bowl

So this happened yesterday at Rep. Elijah Cummings memorial: That’s it right there! 😂 @SenSchumer — EFF 🇵🇷 (@EFFTENDO) October 25, 2019 That’s one of Cummings’ pall bearers, who shunned shaking the hand of amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch, and bravo … Continue reading

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Reality TeeVee Prznintcy Pilot Didn’t Go Over Well

This is very sad and completely unhinged, which seems to be our Stable Genius’ trademark work. Take it away, WaPo: The parents of British teenager Harry Dunn met with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday, only to be … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) society pages tells us that Elsa, She-Wolf of the SS, er, Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been appointed a member of the administration’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council. 1) So I guess no … Continue reading

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Satan Throws Another Log On The Fire for David Koch’s Homecoming!

Billionaire David Koch’s life work of making hell-on-earth is now with the Boss (🎵 Below, below below ♬ ) in the favorite son suite in the lake of burning pitch. He was 79. Henry Kissinger is still alive.

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