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Housekeeping Note

There’s been a death in the family, I’m in SoCal now. Posting will be light for a couple of days.

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The Small Print

Scissorheads – I’m going to be filling in for my pal Blogenfreude at Crooks and Liars for Mike’s Blog Round Up this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). As you know, I like to feature the work of lower-traffic blogs who deserve … Continue reading

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I’m upgrading my Mac, and it’s taking longer than I planned. Sorry for the interruption!

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MPS By the Numbers 2015

WordPress sent me a report of how the ol’ Thunderbolt Grease-slapper did in 2015, and I thought I would share the good news with The Scissorheads: Top Commenters are: Roket Bruce388 Big Bad Bald Bastard Zombie Rotten McDonald Osirisopto The … Continue reading

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Change is A-Foot!

We’re changing styles, some of it by our own requirements, and some of it because the old theme was on shaky ground; on the admin side, things were failing and I had to make a change fast.

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If You’re With Me, Next Year Will Be The Perfect Year

As long-time Scissorheads know, MPS started off as a DIY blog, and over time it has become my primal scream. The best part of this, of course, is that so many of you have joined in the screaming. I say … Continue reading

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Travel Day

OK, BC, show me what you got!

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An Update on Samantha

[Ed. — We’re keeping GRS’s post on top through the weekend because he is special to all of us; we wish all the best for Samantha especially and for the entire family as well. Newer posts are below. –Tengrain] My … Continue reading

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Heading Home

Santa Barbara and L.A. we’re both great, but I’m looking forward to being home. A few things are in the queue, and if something tempts me to post from my phone, well… In the meanwhile, there is a cornucopia of … Continue reading

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Road Trip

I’m on the way to Los Angeles on an unscheduled trip because a relative is in palliative therapy, so this is probably the last birthday cake for her. It’s sort of sad, but also very brave and positive, too: she … Continue reading

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