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Hell and High Water OK, California Scissorheads, please check in. 400 Californians are missing and the firestorm is predicted to be worse today. No snark: the recovered bodies so far have been burned beyond recognition. Last night while waiting for … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) Go Team!

Every time I feel that our world is cold and that humanity sucks, and that things cannot get much worse than having a mango-hued shitgibbon with his tiny, orange fingers on the button,  bleating and tweeting his own praise while … Continue reading

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Belated Thank-You

Osirisopto – We should have said it sooner: Thank-you, thank you, thank you! Your tireless effort to herd the super-cool hep cats of Mock, Paper, Scissors is probably what saved the Affordable Care Act. When faced with the wrath of … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to out of town guests and getting them to the airport… BBL. Rgds, The Management

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No Joke: McCain Has Brain Cancer

In all seriousness, we wish Sen. John McCain well. He’s up against an aggressive cancer —the kind that finally killed Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden— and it will likely be the last battle for that ornery, old basta’. Grandpa Walnuts’ … Continue reading

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House Keeping Note

As Fran Lebowitz once said about sports, “Generally speaking, I look upon them as dangerous and tiring activities performed by people with whom I share nothing except the right to trial by jury.” Boy, would she be surprised by me … Continue reading

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Here’s Some Stupid for Your Covfefe

Seriously this happened: NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence yesterday, line-by-line, and it triggered the Fourth Reich. You know, the Konstitutional Konservatives who so love this country? They didn’t recognize the Declaration and they thought NPR was calling for revolution … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Preznint Stupid Take Away Patriotism From Us

I’ve been reading some very dark blog posts about our Independence Day in the age of Trump. The Muslim Ban is back, the Republicans are gonna take away healthcare from tens of millions of Americans, Kris (K?) Kobach is ginning … Continue reading

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Two Festivals and a Protest

Seattle held Gay Pride this weekend (and the gods blessed our city with weather in the 90°s), and I think that a fun time was held by all. There was one odd moment when the parade stopped many blocks south … Continue reading

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Trip Report

The train was *only* 4.5 hours late pulling into Seattle… Anyway, I thought that since the Russian Usurper had zero’ed out funding for Amtrak, that one last trip was in order, so I took the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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