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#MoscowMitch Wants To Regulate Video Games, Not Guns

CNN tells us… “On a private conference call Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discussed the steps ahead with three committee chairmen and Sen. John Cornyn, whose state of Texas was home to one of the shootings from the weekend. … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Let’s listen as Gawd’s own historian, Dave Barton (no doctorate, so no honorific), explains to us why fetus-fondling gawd-botherers have more civil rights than the rest of us: That’s a novel interpretation of the First Amendment! … Continue reading

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Today’s Irony Alert

I have no idea what set our Stable Genius off this time (I totally know), but Prznint McTwitter went on a tear AGAINST Fox News last night. I’d post them all, but there are too many, and you can easily … Continue reading

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MPS Salutes Living Typo Steve Mnuchin!

  We should offer congratulations to Mnuchin for being the first treasury secretary in U.S. history to have a trending hashtag dedicated to the proposition of putting him in prison.  

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Thrice-Married Serial Adulterer to Award Medal of Freedom To Twice-Married Serial Adulterer “Tiger Woods is expected to visit the White House next week, where he will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump, a source familiar … Continue reading

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This Afternoons Irony Alert…

…comes to us from unindicted co-conspirator Tex Betsy who sends us this urgent news while in flight: Well isn't this embarrassing… — Devin Nunes' Alt-Mom (@NunesAlt) March 19, 2019 Thanks Tex!

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The Jon Swift Round-Up Is Available Now! #jonswift2018

[I feel remiss that this post got lost in the shuffle of the holidays, and so I’m putting it on top, fresher posts below. You really should go to Batocchio’s and read through the links, this is a stellar round-up. … Continue reading

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Prznint Horndog Presents Award

Awkward! Be sure to watch the cringe-worthy embedded video as Comrade Horndog presents the Prznintial Medal of Freedumb to the Widow Scalia, in the manner of a true gentleman: TRUMP SEX JOKE ALERT 🚨🚨🚨 “Joining us for this ceremony is … Continue reading

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Free Speech, With Tucker Carlson

As we say around MPS, Punching a nazi is a good thing. You know what else is a good thing? Shouting “Fuck you” at Tucker Carlson is a good thing. We are all about the free speech here. Guess He’ll … Continue reading

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The Vanity Fair New Establishment List is Released

Robert Mueller is No. 1 on Vanity Fair’s 2018 New Establishment List. And Anonymous, the White House senior official who wrote THAT NYTimes op-ed. is No. 99. Weirdly, MPS didn’t make the list again. We was robbed! Again! Well-played, Vanity Fair. … Continue reading

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