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Hobby Lobby Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Boss: We’re glad you applied for a job with ACME moving company. Can you lift boxes weighing 40 lbs? Applicant: Yes I can. But I won’t lift them. Boss: You do know that lifting boxes is a big part of … Continue reading

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Weepy is going to live forever

Doctors Can Now Keep Livers Alive Longer (Reuters via Gawker)

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The Evening Quote

“People now don’t die from prostate cancer, breast cancer and some of the other things.” –Congressional Candidate NY-27 Chris Collins (R – of course) Tell that to the 30,000 or so men who die from prostate cancer, and the 40,000 … Continue reading

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The Living Dead

Ol’ Nosferatu himself has had a heart transplant. All I can think is that I hope the family of the donor never learns that Blam-Blam was the recipient of the good deed that they did. I thought for an instant … Continue reading

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Why is K-Lo smiling?

If there’s one lesson everyone in President Carebear’s administration should have learned by now it is that trying to appease the nut jobbers, obstructionists, and Xristian Xrazies never works. Anyway, on to today’s exhibit A for Appeasement: Kathleen Sebelius has … Continue reading

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Support Planned Parenthood

…because it is important. Just ask these kids.

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Chrome-less Trailer Hitch News

“A 27-year-old lady presented with persistent cough, sputum and fever for the preceding six months. In spite of trials with antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis treatment for the preceeding four months, her symptoms did not improve. A subsequent chest radiograph showed non-homogeneous … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in science…

…what are you doing working as a lab tech? Several Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia employees were fired for refusing to get the seasonal flu vaccine… “I am a Christian, and my religion prohibits me from receiving vaccines,” said Tyrika Cowlay, … Continue reading

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Summer of Death almost over!

As today is the Autumnal Equinox, it means we only have so many hours left for Death to give us its jolly old sting for this terrible, terrible summer. So, we want to wish Senator Byrd a speedy recovery (the … Continue reading

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Heh. Clever lads and lasses.

This ought to be a scene in a movie – just freakin’ brilliant! Children taking part in a study to measure how much exercise they do fooled researchers by attaching their pedometers to their pet dogs.

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