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Nation Shocked: Meghan McCain Is Literate, Allegedly

Guys, Meghan (Soylent Blonde to Scissorheads) done wrote a book with her own two fingers and Variety has an excerpt: In the new memoir “Bad Republican,” Meghan McCain talks about the last four years of her life as the conservative … Continue reading

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Meghan McCain: Middle East Scholar

Hey guys, did you know that Meghan McCain is the late Grandpa Walnuts’ daughter? It seems that while inheriting Mommy’s Eyes and Daddy’s Thighs, she also inherited his foreign policy chops: Even if you thought leaving Afghanistan was the right … Continue reading

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As America mourns the loss of the morning stupid on the TeeVee Machine from the pie hole of the topknot queen of Maricopa herself, Who Will Replace SoyBlo on The View?!!1! For 1/17 of 3/13ths of a point towards your summer … Continue reading

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Nation Shocked: Talentless Host Leaves Terrible Show

Blog favorite Meghan McCain —Soylent Blonde— has resigned from the show, and will not be missed: Meghan McCain announces departure from ‘The View’ After four seasons on “The View,” Meghan McCain announced Thursday that she’s leaving at the end the … Continue reading

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The Very Definition of Non-Essential Worker Has Suggestion

SoyBlo It started off innocently enough: When I see that #MeghanMcCain #SoylentBlonde is trending, I know she’s said something stupid, usually self-centered and dripping with entitlement. So what was it? — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) February 23, 2021 Scissorhead Moeman … Continue reading

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The Left Needs Our Own Frank Luntz

We are Terrible At Messaging. Defund The Police is just the latest example of a good policy that has a bad name. We are giving ammo (pun intended) to the Right. SoyBlo tries to lay a trap for Kamala Harris … Continue reading

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The Sacred Halls of Nepotism, Exhibit A

Soylent Blonde, Meghan McCain felt a disturbance in the force when 2020 Goat Rodeo contestant Amy Klobuchar invoked the name of Grandpa Walnuts: Klobuchar at a campaign stop in Iowa said she sat between fellow 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders … Continue reading

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About The Calls For Sen. McCain 2

I did not watch Grandpa Walnuts’ memorial service, but I did catch on Twitter this bit by SoyBlo: ‘America was already great,’ Meghan McCain says at her dad’s memorial service. #ctl #p2 — PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) September 1, 2018 She … Continue reading

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The ‘Splody Head of Meghan McCain

Let’s watch MPS’ own Soylent Blonde, Meghan McCain self-described explosion of her head on the electric television machine: It is certainly very rich for our favorite Booze Heiress and media legacy hire (married to noted Federalist lite brite Ben ‘copy … Continue reading

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SoyBlo Lands At The View

Variety: Meghan McCain has officially signed onto “The View” as a regular co-host, Variety has learned exclusively. McCain’s hire comes just days after she left Fox News, and shortly after the ABC daytime show parted ways with Jedidiah Bila. McCain … Continue reading

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