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In The Tweet of The Moment

.@seanhannity accidentally introduces Gorka as “Fat Fox News National Security Strategist Sebastian Gorka.” — The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) March 13, 2018

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BREAKING! Sleepy-Eyed Chuck Todd Asks Follow-up Question!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin tells @chucktodd that President Trump's vulgarities and attacks on the press are less important than policy, and should be seen in the context of a "campaign rally" #MTP — Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) March … Continue reading

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PBS: A Disturbance In The Farce

Sweet Jeebus with tote bag, PBS is again trying to lick the jackboot that kicks them: PBS Announces Conservative Talk Show As Trump Administration Mulls Whacking Pubcaster’s Funding “As the Donald Trump administration mulls whacking its funding for PBS, the … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Judge!

Judge Jeanine Pirro asks in public the hard questions all of America asks in private, but only she is brave enough to ask aloud… Jeanine Pirro says the FBI should’ve gotten to the bottom of “who Nicholas Cage is.” … Continue reading

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A Disturbance in the Farce

We were very disturbed when the news last night leaked (like a diaper? Yes.) that Megan McArdle was jumping ship from Bloomberg and landing on the editorial page of the WaPo. Take it away, Alicublog! “Much has been made today … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs So… Jump for Jeebus, Josh Bernstein has an unusual take on how the Fourth Amendment works. Let’s listen, shall we: Um, Josh, bro, Dude,  Facebook ain’t the gubmint.  They can ask all the questions that they … Continue reading

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(Updated) When advising an idiot, ensure he is not advising one, too/also

Sweet Jeebus, this: “President Donald Trump is at odds with his own chief law-enforcement officers over a controversial memo fueling Republican allegations of a conspiracy against the Trump presidency. But by all indications, the president is less amenable to the … Continue reading

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Bad TeeVee, Cont.

I’ll just put this out here.

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Happy Birthday Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin, the disgraced Pantheon of Dunces founding pillar, is 53 today. Sadly, Tiger Beat on the Potomac no longer list him in their birthday section. Halperin will be celebrating by reviewing his greatest hits reel, so to speak.

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs It’s our pal Kurt Schlichter, again. I screencapped this post at BlogWire (the blog-like thingie of Mat Barber) because I was so tickled that it has zero shares of any kind. Let the mocking begin! When … Continue reading

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