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Here’s Some Stupid to Start Your Day

hear that, Republicans? — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 28, 2023 Heh. Please dampen the early vote, Hair Füror.  

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Mike Pence?

Mike Pence, a man so wooden that termites salivate when he enters a room, has reached what I can only describe as the part of 2-Drink Minimum set where he says, “Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how did you enjoy … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson Tries Gaslighting

Tucker ‘I hate Trump passionately’ Carlson: Tucker Carlson pleaded with Joe Biden to stop the possible indictment of Donald Trump for the sake of America. On Tuesday night, ahead of the former president’s potential indictment over an alleged hush-money payment … Continue reading

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History Will Repeat Itself, Mark Halperin

One of the comments I have heard this weekend is that indicting Trump will only make him stronger. “Lay-off the Star Wars, Obi-Wan,” I think to myself. And then to confirm that I am right, lo! no one other than … Continue reading

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SVB News Blame Game: Fox Rounds Up All The Usual Suspects!

By now we all know what caused the run on SVB was, uh, Wokeness? Anyway, that apparently was too vague for the mouth breathers in Fox News’ demo, so Tucker Carlson et all decided to embroider a little bit: Lately, … Continue reading

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Shorter George Will: ‘Get Off My Lawn!’

The longer version is at the WaPo, but it is essentially about how the students at Stanford Law School were rude to an arguably transphobic, gun nut Fifth Circuit Judge who was a guest speaker as invited by [checks notes] … Continue reading

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The Weaponizing Government Hearings Are Going Swell

Look, if DWS can punch holes in the hearings, anyone can: Matt Taibbi sits there looking stupid after getting his face cracked with receipts of his own words on Joe Rogan’s podcast — chris evans (@notcapnamerica) March 9, 2023 … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News I told you it was going to be a day of Domestic Tuckerism. Anyway, House Republicans are playing Keep-Away: McCarthy’s GOP tries to move on from Tucker Carlson-Jan. 6 drama Mere hours after Tucker Carlson’s latest segment … Continue reading

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A Little Domestic Tuckerism To Start Your Day?

You will be reading a lot today (probably) about this January 4, 2021 quote from rhymes-with-Tucker: “We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait. I hate him passionately.” …in light of … Continue reading

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BS Barbie To The Rescue!

Bullshit Barbie to the rescue of Fox News for promoting The Big Lie on Thumbhead, er, Hannity last night: “I want to challenge people watching tonight who don’t wear red hats, don’t consider themselves MAGA” — that is, hardcore Trump supporters … Continue reading

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