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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Josh Bernstein tells us that CNN should be disbanded: “When two far left organizations decide to merge Freedom takes a back seat. Just look at Youtube and Google.” Ol’ Josh seems to have not noticed that … Continue reading

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Capt. Dildo Sails The Tiny Stinger Again!

James O’Keefe and his minions and mouth-breathers at Project Veritas dreamed-up a way to bait a WaPo reporter. So they found someone to pose as one of Roy Moore’s victims who would lie and tell the WaPo she had gotten … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media, Cont. (Thanksgiving Edition)

I thought to screen capture this tweet when it came up, and sure enough, moments later Dylan Byers deleted it. I suspect that a generation of women fleeing these cambions and sex fiends might be a greater loss of talent. But I’m … Continue reading

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4th and 40, Hannity Punts!

Might have to take back the Claim Chowder from yesterday: U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore published an open letter to Sean Hannity on Wednesday night pushing back against allegations of sexual abuse that have placed his campaign at the center … Continue reading

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Your Morning Keurig

Drowning Man Swims to Sinking Ship Sean Hannity is fighting to repair the good name of the alleged child molester Roy Moore. It’s a tough job, but Hannity is gonna do it. Hannity’s advertisers usually stick with him through thick … Continue reading

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Another Trade Show Winner

Sean Hannity Gets Inducted Into the National Radio Hall of Fame Hannity was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame last night for his work on The Sean Hannity Show. The ceremony took place at the Museum of Broadcast Communications … Continue reading

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Mars. Needs. Women.

Sweet Jeebus: Laura Ingraham: If you think Mueller indictments are bad for Trump you're "living on another planet" — The Hill (@thehill) October 30, 2017 The planet not called Fox News?

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Another Bust Removed From The Pantheon Of Dunces

Queen Ann Romney’s favorite Pilates Instructor, Mark Halperin has been fired from NBC Universal and MSNBC. Also/too: his HBO show, Game Change is cancelled, and Penguin has axed his book projects.  No one will touch him with a 6-inch pole. … Continue reading

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The Pantheon of Dunces Update

Noted drooling fucknuckle Mark Halperin joins Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, and History’s Greatest Reporter Bill-O in the sexual harassment penalty box. “During this period, I did pursue relationships with women that I worked with, including some junior to me,” Halperin … Continue reading

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Bill-O, Falafel Auteur Strikes Again!

The NYTimes reported that Bill-O, History’s Greatest Reporter, paid out of his own pocket an astonishing $32 million Ameros to settle another sexual harassment allegation. Who knew that falafelling coworkers was so damned expensive? This settlement happened AFTER Fox News … Continue reading

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