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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo

It couldn’t happen soon enough. File his career under nepotism. It’s not that different from hiring Meghan McCain at The View.

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America Stunned: ‘Both Sides’ Gold Medal Winner Wins Gold Medal Again

  Don’t try this at home kids, you have to be a limber and well-practiced professional to pull off the triple Salchow of Double-speak: For those asking: @ChrisCuomo is my friend. I would *never* walk away from a friend — … Continue reading

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Area Woman Hands Local Man His Ass

Asked if Biden would ever apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse, Psaki notes that Rittenhouse posed for photos with Proud Boys — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 23, 2021 When is she gonna give him a swirly? Jen Psaki the gold standard … Continue reading

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Doughy Pantload Swings, Misses

Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, that’s Doughy Pantload to us old time bloggers, have quit Fox News! Let’s read the resignation post as we’re sure it will be chock-full of pithy wisdom: We joined Fox News as contributors in early … Continue reading

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Live From NY…

This is a superb cold open, and Cecily Strong is a national treasure.

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About Last Night…

So last night, the House was supposed to vote on their version of the BBB legislation, and then something happened: K-Mac decided to filibuster it. It’s true that the House does NOT have a filibuster mechanism, but the Speaker and … Continue reading

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UPDATED: The Spice Must Flow, Part Infinity

Guys, Upchuck is both-sidesing the censure of Paul Gosar: We’ll state it plainly: Just 10 months removed from Jan. 6, there is no collective political decency on Capitol Hill. Especially when one political party can’t or won’t police violent images … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Good News For John McCain!

Our Failed Political Press Der Tiger Beat Auf Dem Potomac (Thanks Charlie with an assist from MPS’ patron saint Watertiger) begins their morning email with a Drudge-like siren! SIREN — A new national poll from USA TODAY/Suffolk University pegs President … Continue reading

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The Spice Must Flow, Part Infinity

Upchuck speaks: WASHINGTON — Yes, the political environment was rough for Democrats on Tuesday night. Yes, playing the Trump and Jan. 6 cards didn’t work as well as they had hoped. And, yes, Democrats lost independent voters in Virginia, per … Continue reading

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Election Day: The Spice Must Flow

Guys, it’s Election Day in Virginia (and elsewhere, but our Failed Political Press ™ doesn’t know this), and anyone who tells you what is gonna happen is lying to you, or more accurately, is Upchuck Todd (who is lying to … Continue reading

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