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Nation Stunned: Fox News Propagandist Agrees With RoJo

I know that the FCC does not have any jurisdiction over cable, but this sort of misinformation and propaganda would get a broadcaster’s license pulled: Tucker Carlson: "There's no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened on Jan. … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media, Cont.

Our Failed Political Press Two unrelated items that combined tell a story about our truly tragic and failed political press. The first one, from The New Republic is ripped from the headlines of Left Blogtopia… oh, from about 2006: “The … Continue reading

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The Spice Must Flow

Our Failed Political Press Upchuck is only asking the questions, guys: What is the [GQP’s] message and identity (outside of devotion to Trump and “owning the libs”)? Is it really a new working-class party (but one that still pursues big … Continue reading

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Too Late, Too Little, Too Bad

Our Failed Political Press Over at PressRun, Eric Boehlert caught a quote from Marty Baron, the retiring Editor of the WaPo in an interview with Der Spiegal on his failing to call a lie a lie: We had to be … Continue reading

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Politico Thinks Their Readers Are Stupid

Our Failed Political Press Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s morning email thingie breathlessly asks: POLITICO Playbook: Could McConnell surprise us all? Nope. See Headlines, Betteridge’s Law Of. MITCH’S BIG DECISION — If one were to conduct a poll of congressional … Continue reading

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Guess What, Media? The Country is United!

Missing the Story Our failed political press does it again: NEW from @CBSNewsPoll: Large majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, as well as Americans of all income levels, would approve of a new COVID relief package. — Ed O'Keefe … Continue reading

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White-washing The Stupid Coup

Without any guile, the W$J breathlessly tells us: “The elaborate national security network set up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to identify and thwart threats failed ahead of last month’s Capitol riot, as law enforcement didn’t act on intelligence about … Continue reading

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Dumb Editorial is Dumb

Yahoo News has one of the dumbest editorials that I have read about kicking Marjorie Taylor Green (Q-Georgia) off of her committees: House Democrats voted to boot her from her committee assignments in an act that they will surely come … Continue reading

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Someone PLEASE TELL ME what happened tonight on @11thHour with Brian Williams! 🤣 — Douglass Sloan (@DougSloan) January 29, 2021 I’m not a Brian Williams fan, but that he didn’t lose it is remarkable.

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Rep. Jordan Isn’t Running For Senate, We Wonner Why?

Coatless Rep. Gym Jordan will not run for Rob Portman’s old Senate Seat: Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican and a fierce Trump defender, won’t run for the US Senate next year to fill the seat of the retiring GOP … Continue reading

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