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In The Tweet of The Moment

.@seanhannity accidentally introduces Gorka as “Fat Fox News National Security Strategist Sebastian Gorka.” — The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) March 13, 2018

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Michelle Malkkkin and the Temple of Dumb

(Malkkkin’s screed at Townhall)

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Look at what Salem Media is getting!

In case any of you missed it, Salem Media (proud owners of TownHall, and Hot Air, and soon-to-be owners of Red State [ewick ewickson’s place] and Regenery Press) bought Michelle Malkkkin’s Twitchy, an aggregator of tweets from the always outraged … Continue reading

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Headline of the Year

Death of the Media Oh, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

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I always maintained that listening to Wingnuttian Pundits is like listening to 3-year olds having a play-date: But it get’s better: Anyway, short-fingered vulgarian Donal Trump and anchor-baby Michelle Malkkkin seem to be having some sort of slap-fight, so my … Continue reading

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And now, Michelle Malkin dancing

Sweet Jeebus. And Wingnuttia takes her seriously?

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Famous Anchor Baby Says POTUS Is Not A Muslim

For those of you who are asking: “Under sharia law, dhimmi status was originally afforded to Jews, Christians, and Sabians. The protected religions later came to include Zoroastrians, Mandaeans, Hindus and Buddhists. Eventually, the Hanafi, the largest school of Islamic … Continue reading

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Karma is a bitch

Infamous narcissist twat-waffle Michelle Malkkkin blames the Colorado wildfire on Obama, plays victim, and makes it all about her: As Obama sightsees overhead in this key swing state and surrounds himself with first responders for campaign-ready photo-ops, his supporters on … Continue reading

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Morning in America, er, Detroit

OK, I think this was a silly, overblown spot. At first I thought it was the opening of the Exorcist, or whatnot, but then it turns out to be some sort of metaphor for American Cars coming back from the … Continue reading

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Presented without comment

(Fox Nation)

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