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Because We Love A Good Clarification

Ol’ Thumbhead wants us to know that when he urged his viewers to take the Trump-Virus seriously… Amid a noticeable shift in much—but definitely not all—of Fox News’ coverage in recent days towards a more pro-vaccine stance, complete with a … Continue reading

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Psaki Gives Doocey a Swirly, Again

Let’s watch Press Secretary drop the ol’ #PsakiBomb on noted nepotism numbskull Peter Doocy, (son of Pravda competitor Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, at a network run by Lachlan Murdoch, son of founder Rupert Murdoch): Psaki made Doocy look like … Continue reading

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‘Eff Him’, Rupert Grunted

Michael Wolff’s new book Landslide features a scene in which Lachlan Murdoch —the young reactionary currently running OG Pravda, er, Fox News— got a call from Fox’s election desk saying it was ready to announce Handsome Joe Biden had won the … Continue reading

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Time To Put TeeVee Dinner Heir on Ice?

Our Failed Political Press ™ This is what happens when you eat too many teevee dinners and craft a helmet out of the foil: “Did the Biden administration read my personal emails? That’s the question that we asked directly to … Continue reading

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Bedtime Reading?

We’re assuming a fact not in evidence: Kilmeade can read?! — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) June 28, 2021 I guess I should not be surprised that out of all books, Kilmeade would cop to reading that one, and it’s a tell … Continue reading

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Tucker Has A Hot Take, Boy-Howdy

Pravda competitor Fox News has a unique new conspiracy theory: Tucker Carlson's latest take on the Jan. 6th attack on the capitol is that it was actually an FBI false flag — nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) June 16, 2021 … Continue reading

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Is This The Tweet…

…that launched a thousand shits? Enjoy the long weekend. — Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) May 29, 2021 And boom! 'DISGUSTING' DISRESPECT: Vice President Kamala Harris ignites outrage over 'misfire' Memorial Day tweet — Fox News (@FoxNews) May … Continue reading

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Area Lawyer Claims Fox News Made His Client Do It

This tweet caught my eye last night: Attorney for Capitol defendant Anthony Antonio said his client had “Foxitus” and “Foxmania” from watching six months of Fox News and started “believing what was being fed to him” by Fox News and … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Fox News is BS Factory!

“The lies these days are moving at the speed of light while spreading so much darkness. Take, for example, the uproar over this New York Post story that claimed that copies of a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala … Continue reading

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Fox News, Now in Black and White

The dumbest man in the senate, Ron Johnson (appropriately named), has some replacement-theory oratory that he is trying out of town before making his Broadway debut: Sen. Ron Johnson: "This administration wants complete open borders, and you have to ask … Continue reading

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