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Report: Maria Bartiromo Is Gonna Go Down With The Ship

Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo: “A new report says that some far-right protesters have discussed posing as members of the National Guard to infiltrate the inauguration — the way Democrats infiltrated two weeks ago and put on MAGA clothing” … Continue reading

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America Stunned: Once-Upon-A-Time, There Was News On Fox News. Who Knew?

Fox News has looked around at our Failed Political Press and takes decisive steps to correct itself: Fox News adds another hour of opinion programming to its evening schedule “Fox News Channel is removing one of its only nighttime hours … Continue reading

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Axios Builds A Lifeboat

Leave it to Axios to save the Coup Klux Klan: Our new reality: Three Americas The United States, torn apart by insurrection and mass misinformation, is witnessing a political and social realignment unfold in real time: We’re splitting into three … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Noise Machine Blames Antifa!

It all started when Floriduh’s own testimonial to sober living and hair gel, Matt Gaetz suggested that Antifa was behind the Republican Insurrection and Coup last night, and it spread like wildfire to all the usual suspects. Axios’ morning email … Continue reading

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A Disturbance in the Fox

Fox News Host Bret Baier is not having it, and young man in a hurry, Sen. Josh Hawley (Sedition, MO) tries to spin gold out of his bs.  It doesn’t go well: Bret Baier pushes back and Hawley seems to … Continue reading

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One Graph Tells A Story

Only 10% of Seditionists trust the media. You wanted to know what the lasting impact of the 4th Reich would be (besides killing us all with the Trump-Virus)? It’s going to be Fake News, Enemy of the People, and of … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Maria?

Business Insider: “Dominion Voting Systems has sent letters to Fox News, as well as the right-wing media outlets Newsmax and One America News warning it may sue over the baseless conspiracy theory that the election technology company manipulated the results … Continue reading

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Now and Then

First the now: Will be doing an interview with @MariaBartiromo at 10:00 A.M. on @FoxNews. Enjoy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2020 and now the then (yesterday) .@FoxNews daytime is virtually unwatchable, especially during the weekends. Watch @OANN, … Continue reading

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Your Friday Night Stupid is Served

I just can’t even: BREAKING NEWS: Republicans erroneously claim there are too many votes in Michigan, because they think that the upper peninsula of Michigan is in Canada. (This is not photoshopped. This really happened.) — Steve Hofstetter (@SteveHofstetter) … Continue reading

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No One Cares About Your Package, Tucker (Eww, Gross!)

Well, here’s a headline that made me feel a little queasy: UPS Finds Mystery Tucker Carlson Package Many have looked, few have found it. But enough dick jokes! What the hell is it about? A spokesman for UPS told The … Continue reading

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