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The Steady Drip of Agitprop

Reliable Sources email thingie: Pretty much every time I watch Fox talk show hosts interview Trump, I see missed opportunities. This was one of those times. Tucker Carlson‘s pre-taped interview with Trump in Helsinki aired on Tuesday… While Carlson did … Continue reading

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Comrade Trump: A Russian Asset?

I’m not a fan of panel shows, and mosdef not a fan of CNN panel shows (shouty heads shouting), but this segment is without a doubt chilling and very informative. As we’ve noted before: when Brian Stelter is good, he’s … Continue reading

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The Love That Dares To Speak It’s Name

When Brian Stelter is good, he’s very good. And we note that Fox did it again last night and gave full, real-time coverage while the broadcast networks gave under 5 minutes.

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Why You Should Turn Off Panel Discussions

The Death of the Media We’ve long said that St. Ronnie got it exactly wrong: The nine most frightening words are not “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” they are, “Let’s turn to our power-house panel to … Continue reading

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The Silencing of the Yams

The Death of the Media Steve M., our pal from the essential blog, No More Mister Nice Guy, tweeted this message to our betters this afternoon: When we go low, we get blamed. When they go low, we get blamed … Continue reading

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Free Advice For The Villagers!

I’ve been reading CNN’s hapless media critic Brian Stelter again and he is torturing himself trying to defend the media and to discover a way for journalists to cover our Liar-In-Chief. Stelter keeps trying to split hairs on semantic differences … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media, CNN Edition

// From the Reliable Sources email thingie: On Sunday’s show, I asked Brian Karem if he has any regrets about his outburst at last Thursday’s W.H. briefing. “Come on,” he said to Sarah Sanders, “you’re a parent! Don’t you have … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media

We point out, constantly it seems, that our national media is a disgrace. While Prznint Stupid screams FAKE NEWS at every chance he gets, the Villagers go ever further to enable them, discard hard news stories (oh, like Puerto Rico … Continue reading

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Chris Cillizza: A Comedy-Tragedy In Three Tweets

The Laddie Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks Bloated talentless pundit Chris Cillizza gets pwned by noted comic and first amendment expert and local hero Kathy Griffin: This isn’t about whether Samantha Bee CAN say it. It’s about whether she SHOULD … Continue reading

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A Lie Is a Lie, Is a Lie

The Death of the Media CNN/Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources email thingie goes deep on the many lies of Comrade Trump: 🔥 The “lie” debate Trump tweeted several other whoppers over the weekend, reigniting a debate in media circles about when … Continue reading

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