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Jason Miller, The Pride of CNN, Leaves CNN

As long as we are talking about cable news dumpster fire CNN, home of shouty panels who say nothing and have no expertise in their subject areas, this story is yet more proof that they hire despicable people to get … Continue reading

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Time For Gergen To Retire

The Death of the Media From the Reliable Sources email thingie: On CNN, David Gergen urged caution and patience: Lawmakers and the public need time to “absorb this and begin to make judgments.” He said, “I can’t tell you how … Continue reading

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The Death of Horserace Journalism?

The Death of the Media Ben Smith, born of Tiger Beat on the Potomac, and now heading up Buzzfeed News, has an important piece up. He believes that the insider-baseball, horse race coverage of politics is dead. As the institutions … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media, CNN Edition

This flittered across my timeline last night: Interesting moment on CNN: After Rob Astorino defends Trump’s post-conviction praise of Paul Manafort, Poppy Harlow notes Astorino is on Trump’s 2020 advisory cmte. He says yes. So he’s signed an NDA, she … Continue reading

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Jim Acosta Has. Had. Enough.

Seriously, stop going to his ralleys and the news briefings, CNN. The Russian Usurper is using you to promote agitprop and the most specious of all fake news: the stuff he says. You do not have to do it. There … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Eiron, the Goddess of Irony laughed so hard she farted. Seriously. She’s reaching for the Beano. Glen Beck says that CNN is a conspiracy theorist site. And really, that is all you have to know.

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Both Sides Don’t, Jake Tapper!

If you follow me on Twitter, last night you probably saw a series of tweets I directed to Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper at CNN. It was because of this half-assed comment that Tapper made and Stelter amplified in his … Continue reading

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The Steady Drip of Agitprop

Reliable Sources email thingie: Pretty much every time I watch Fox talk show hosts interview Trump, I see missed opportunities. This was one of those times. Tucker Carlson‘s pre-taped interview with Trump in Helsinki aired on Tuesday… While Carlson did … Continue reading

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Comrade Trump: A Russian Asset?

I’m not a fan of panel shows, and mosdef not a fan of CNN panel shows (shouty heads shouting), but this segment is without a doubt chilling and very informative. As we’ve noted before: when Brian Stelter is good, he’s … Continue reading

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The Love That Dares To Speak It’s Name

When Brian Stelter is good, he’s very good. And we note that Fox did it again last night and gave full, real-time coverage while the broadcast networks gave under 5 minutes.

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