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Get A Load of This ‘Both Sides’

Man, I’ve seen some tortured attempts to Both Sides, but this editorial by Jason Willick in the WaPo is so nonsensical I expected the byline to by David Eff’ing Brooks: …Populations can’t be divided into camps of voters who favor … Continue reading

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Both Sides Don’t

This is such BS, I’m amazed Kinzinger’s baby blues didn’t turn merde-brown. We should introduce him to Andrew Yang and Joe Lieberman, and they can tell him how well this works out. He couldn’t find any actual blue extremism, so … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News CNN brought out the Crypt Keeper to opine (emphasis mine): Gergen called the classified documents reporting a “gigantic story” and questioned why the president’s team did not make more of an attempt to get ahead of it. “The … Continue reading

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There Is A Club

Being a slow news Sunday in December, I decided to read a longer piece in Politico that I’ve had in an open tab for a few days, Inside the turmoil roiling No Labels’ unity ticket presidential campaign because it is … Continue reading

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Both Sides Don’t, Part Infinity

Jonathan Greenblatt, national director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said it is astonishing and alarming that two of the nation’s leading purveyors of antisemitism were “breaking bread with the erstwhile head of the GOP.” “I would characterize this as … Continue reading

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America Shocked: ‘Both Sides Don’t’ Says Upchuck

Upchuck Todd is facing a conundrum about Fascism Today: Our politics have descended into a deeper, darker place. And that descent is coming exclusively from one side of the aisle. In Missouri’s competitive GOP Senate race, candidate Eric Greitens released … Continue reading

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Tucker Reaches New Frontier In Both Sides Journalism

We cannot make up this merde: Tucker Carlson tries to make the case that the Insurrection (with 7 dead, thousands arrested, the Capitol sacked, and democracy on life support) the equivalent of…Triump the Insult Comedy Dog doing his shtick: Seven … Continue reading

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Both Sides Gets Curbed Stomped, Sorry Stelter

Stelter says that Both Sides is Journalism 101 and Masha Gessan hands Brian Stelter his ass, and it is delicious. (The Crooks and Liars embed code does not works with WordPress [ the iframe tag is verboten], so click the … Continue reading

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NYTimes: Dick Cheney Is The Sensible Center

The NYTimes Magazine tells us that Both Sides must move to the Sensible Center, and you’ll never guess how: I think what’s needed in the short term to preserve democracy, to get through the worst of this storm, is a … Continue reading

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America Stunned: ‘Both Sides’ Gold Medal Winner Wins Gold Medal Again

  Don’t try this at home kids, you have to be a limber and well-practiced professional to pull off the triple Salchow of Double-speak: For those asking: @ChrisCuomo is my friend. I would *never* walk away from a friend — … Continue reading

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