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Interdepartmental Transfer At Fox for Guilfoyle

They look so… life-like. — Tengrain the Covfefe Boy (@Tengrain) July 19, 2018 Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources Email thingie: Fox solves its Kimberly Guilfoyle problem Fox News abruptly parted ways with one of its biggest stars, Kimberly Guilfoyle, on Friday. … Continue reading

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Known Liar Gets Professional Courtesy To Lie Again

Excited to kick off my book of The Briefing tomorrow on @TODAYshow with @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb I promise I will smile more — Sean Spicer (@seanspicer) July 18, 2018 It’s incredible to me that the press guy who willingly … Continue reading

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The Steady Drip of Agitprop

Reliable Sources email thingie: Pretty much every time I watch Fox talk show hosts interview Trump, I see missed opportunities. This was one of those times. Tucker Carlson‘s pre-taped interview with Trump in Helsinki aired on Tuesday… While Carlson did … Continue reading

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Comrade Trump: A Russian Asset?

I’m not a fan of panel shows, and mosdef not a fan of CNN panel shows (shouty heads shouting), but this segment is without a doubt chilling and very informative. As we’ve noted before: when Brian Stelter is good, he’s … Continue reading

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Death of the Media, Cont.

LATimes: RUSSIA’S INVASION INTO U.S. POLITICS OK, that’s a good headline, short, well-written, tells you what you need to know. But then we get to the subhead and to passive voice, and the removal of actors: Indictment details how ‘spearphishing,’ … Continue reading

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The Love That Dares To Speak It’s Name

When Brian Stelter is good, he’s very good. And we note that Fox did it again last night and gave full, real-time coverage while the broadcast networks gave under 5 minutes.

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As the Villagers Gasp!

From the Reliable Sources newsletter thingie last night (formatting theirs, not mine): Why @emptywheel went to the FBI Margaret Sullivan’s Monday column is about blogger Marcy Wheeler‘s decision to go to the FBI and reveal one of her sources. If you … Continue reading

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‘First They Came For My Madras Plaid Shorts’

At first I thought this was a joke: Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz says defending Trump has made him a discrimination victim: “I have experienced this firsthand on Martha’s Vineyard. Old friends are shunning me and trying to ban me from their … Continue reading

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D’Vorce D’Spousa Goes Off The Plantation

D’vorce D’spousa—documentarian fabulist, convicted election fraud felon (pardoned), fired Y’all Qaeda business school dean, serial adulterer, and would-be bigamist and self-proclaimed political prisoner of the Kenyan Usurper— has earned an unusual headline in Newsweek: DINESH D’SOUZA, FILMMAKER PARDONED BY TRUMP, … Continue reading

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Why You Should Turn Off Panel Discussions

The Death of the Media We’ve long said that St. Ronnie got it exactly wrong: The nine most frightening words are not “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” they are, “Let’s turn to our power-house panel to … Continue reading

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