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Turns Out The Conways Marriage Is Not ‘The Song of Songs’, Who Knew?

We get some insight into one of the greatest love stories of the new century, George and KellyAnn Conway and how they keep it fresh: Kellyanne Conway Writes in Book of Husband ‘Cheating by Tweeting’ and Ivanka Trump Suggesting Couples … Continue reading

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Perjury Taylor Greene Does Not Recall

Guys, Rep. 3-names was ordered to testify at a hearing in Atlanta yesterday because some voters from her district think she should be disqualified from running for reelection due to helping facilitate the January 6 insurrection (ALLEGEDLY), and —what are the … Continue reading

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Putin: Deny, Deny, Deny

  Shorter Putin: FAKE NEWS, COMRADES [T]he Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin denied that Russian troops were bombing Ukrainian cities and said the information was “propaganda fakes.” That takes some brass. I wonder where he learned that trick?

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RoJo Runs!

The Louis Gohmert of Rep. 3-Names of the Senate, Ron Johnson is running for re-election, he writes in Rupert Murdoch’s W$J (paywall, so no link) and justifies breaking his resolution to not run again, thusly: I decided to run for … Continue reading

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Oh. Well, that’s awkward. — Angry Staffer (@Angry_Staffer) December 21, 2021 Hat tip: Scissorhead MDavis

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The Saturday Quote

Republicans are always climbing onto the cross: “I walked into the lion’s den. [Psaki] walks into a bunch of kittens.” —Spicy

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The Fraudit is a Fraud As Proven By Science

We all know that the Big Lie is a big lie told by a big liar, amiright? Anyway, the AP (again! they are on a roll today) did their own investigation into the Fraudit being conducted by the Terrible Sand … Continue reading

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Sen. Blackburn Seems Nice, Bless Her Heart

Sen. Marsha Blackburn continues to grunt at popular performer Taylor Swift, as she is interviewed by Pravda, er, Breitbart: Sen. Marsha Blackburn continues her running feud with Taylor Swift, warning her that if we have a “socialistic govt,” the state … Continue reading

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As Abraham Lincoln famously said…

“…don’t believe everything you read on the innernets” – In the last 10 months, Cawthorn has wrongly said in a speech that James Madison signed the Declaration of Independence, wrongly said Congress voted to have Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation, … Continue reading

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Tweet, Twit, Twat

Guys, Lord Damp Nut is claiming he doesn’t miss Twitter at all because his press releases are so elegant: “You’re canceled off Twitter. You’re canceled off social media platforms. Now, you put out your presidential statements. They go viral,” host … Continue reading

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