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What Did Comrade Trump Know, And When Did He Know It

The Betrayal continues: Intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible, and therefore did not report it to me or @VP. Possibly another fabricated Russia Hoax, maybe by the Fake News @nytimesbooks, wanting to make … Continue reading

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What He Said

[Fresher posts below. — TG]

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Who’s You’re Fired’ed Now?

(CNN) President Donald Trump on Friday fired Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who had told Congress about the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump’s impeachment, the President told Congress in a letter obtained by CNN. So Prznint Stupid is … Continue reading

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GOP: ‘$20, Same As In Town’

Axios morning email thingie: Immediately after Trump’s acquittal, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson announced a review of “potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration.” I guess it … Continue reading

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And Daddy Still Doesn’t Love Him

Dude is as frantic as a beagle in a vacuum factory: Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he’s joining them now. He’s now officially a … Continue reading

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Trump Acquitted, Sets Loose The Hounds!

It’s a sad day for the republic. Axios email thingie has some reactions: “This opens the door for not only President Trump but future presidents to use the vast powers of the federal government against political targets,” said Ken Hughes, … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Holy Cow! Willard Breaks Ranks!

Which one of you mooks had Willard grows a spine in your Impeachment Bingo card? UPDATE 1: I’m guessing the shriek from the oval office was in a pitch only bats could hear. White House was completely caught off guard … Continue reading

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As The Swallows Return To Old San Juan…

…Susan Collins returns to the fold. WASHINGTON ― Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced Tuesday that she does not support removing President Donald Trump from office, sticking with her party on another controversial vote ahead of a tough reelection fight in … Continue reading

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More please

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#ITMFA, Updated.

Starting Wednesday, Impeached Prznint Stupid will spend the rest of the 2020 Goat Rodeo insisting that he’s been acquitted. Everyone-not-a-Republican must say —every eff’ing day— “That’s a lie.”  Nancy Pelosi: “You can’t be acquitted if you don’t have a trial, … Continue reading

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