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Trump Was Not Host of ‘Let’s Make A Deal’, You Guys!

Hey guys, remember a couple of weeks ago (it seems longer than that, I know) when Hair Führer was all beaming and happy because he cut a deal with Chuck and Nancy to help the Dreamers?  Essentially the idea was … Continue reading

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4th and 40: Trump Punts (updated)

In his single-minded quest to please his racist,  30% base in Possum Hollar, Hair Führer is not thinking long-term. There’s a surprise. Dude couldn’t arrange a Happy Hour at a distillery. White House officials told the FAKE NEWS!!1!  that Trump’s … Continue reading

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Hair Führer Makes ANOTHER Kobayashi Maru Test For The Republicans

I’m just going to throw this out here: Preznint Stupid has just set up the Republican-controlled congress in the un-winnable Kobayashi Maru scenario. Take it away, Politico! Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay Politico broke this story … Continue reading

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Jezebel has a video up of a Town Hall meeting in Georgia with Rep. Buddy Carter: “What can you do as a congressman to help Georgia process these rape kits?” a woman asks in the video. (The version below has … Continue reading

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If You Build It, They Will Not Come

Hey guys, remember that time when Preznint Stupid said that what we really needed was a good government shutdown? either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good “shutdown” in … Continue reading

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‘I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Border Wall Today’

Remember how as a candidate Comrade Preznint Stupid said that he would build his Nachos Curtain and have the Mexxicans pay for it once they finished mowing his golf course lawns? Yeah. The House passed a $789 billion defense spending … Continue reading

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5000 Quatloos: There will not be a wall

More Kabuki theater to keep the rubes in line: The Trump administration is at least two months away from starting construction of prototypes for a wall along the Southwest border, underscoring the difficulties the White House faces making good on … Continue reading

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Texas: ‘Show Us Your Papers’

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy continues to excel in bad policy: (CNN)Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday signed a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in his state. The bill, which Abbott could be seen signing on Facebook Live … Continue reading

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Trump Wants To Pull Out (Eew, gross!)

And here we go: The Trump administration is considering an executive order on withdrawing the U.S. from NAFTA, according to two White House officials… The draft executive order could be a hardball negotiating tactic designed to bring Mexico and Canada … Continue reading

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The Russian Usurper signed his new Muslim ban: On Monday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning nationals from six Muslim-majority countries and halting all refugee resettlement. The order comes a little over a month after Trump first … Continue reading

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