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Kushner: Why Can’t DeSantis Just Steal The Kids Like We Did?

Without any irony, Jared Kushner —while pushing his book— told Fox News it was very troubling to see migrants being used as political pawns. I personally watch what’s happening and it’s very hard to see at the southern border. We … Continue reading

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GOP Family Values Includes Starving Kids

We’ve long said that Republican lawmakers would fight to be the one to deny gruel to Oliver Twist, and know they are proving us right. Attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, … Continue reading

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DeSantis to Disney: ‘Keep Your Mouse Shut, Or Else!’

Floriduh Hate Goblin, er, Gubnor Ron DeSantis, the would-be authoritarian prznint, has demanded (and received) legislation that would strip Disney of many of it’s privileges in the state. We use the conditional tense because, you know, gangster wannabes always have … Continue reading

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Today In Bounty Hunting

When all you have is a nail gun, everyone looks like Jeebus. Anyway, the novelty usage of  bounty hunting to enforce unpopular Culture War fronts continue apace: New Hampshire Moms for Liberty chapter offers $500 to anyone who can catch … Continue reading

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The Trillion Amero Solution

Guys, the $1T Amero coin solution to the debt ceiling appears to be a fantasy: Treasury ruling out not only trillion-dollar coin but also invocation of 14th Amendment to defuse debt ceiling; spox reiterates in statement: "There is only one … Continue reading

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Third Time’s the Charmless

Guys, we missed one yesterday! As we all know, the Republicans 1)  filibustered the Infrastructure Bill yesterday (Lucy-Charlie Brown style) and B) they also in a pique of anger pulled out of the January 6 Insurrection-Stupid Coup Commission, but did … Continue reading

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Lemme Make You An Offer You Can Refuse

Prznint Stupid’s Saturday address to the nation offered temporary protection for Dreamers and some refugees in exchange for $5.7B Ameros to build the Tortilla Curtain. So, anyone still think that this is not an exercise in hostage taking? He took … Continue reading

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Comrade Trump Is Doing It For The Children

As we all know by now, it is the policy of The United States to separate children of immigrants and put them in Concentration Camps pending sending them back to the tender mercies of gangsters in Central America from whom … Continue reading

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Today’s GOP Hostage Taking: The Farm Bill

The previous post dealt with Immigration, and lo! The Freedom Caucasians have now taken a hostage to try to get their way to deport the Dreamers: they are holding the Farm Bill as hostage! Take it away, Tiger Beat on … Continue reading

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Hey guys, today is March 5, which as we know is the date that Hair Führer set for Congress to resolve the immigration status of the Dreamers, otherwise he would start deporting them. So where do we stand? Shorter: the … Continue reading

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