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Republican Play Doctor / God In Mississippi

And speaking of not ending well, we turn our attention to Mississippi (Motto: Where the debris meets the sea) to see what the small-gubmint fetishists and fetus fondling gawd botherers are up to, and of course it is their new … Continue reading

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Shocker: TN Drag Performer To Ban Drag Performances

Every Accusation is a confession: By the time Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee confirmed Monday that he would sign a recently passed bill criminalizing drag performances in public and in front of children, a photo that appears to show him dressed … Continue reading

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Tennessee Will Not Be Made A Fool Of, Again! (Spoiler: Yes They Will)

Imagine the Scopes Monkey Trial, but wearing a wig: NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Legislation designed to restrict where certain drag shows can take place passed the Tennessee Senate on Thursday, the latest bill state Republican leaders have advanced targeting LGBTQ people. Senate … Continue reading

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Gov. Kristi Noem Can Go To The Devil

There’s a special place in Hell for Kristi Noem: South Dakota has joined five other states that have restricted transition-related care for transgender minors in just the past two years. On Monday, Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican, signed the “Help … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

It’s more from the same hearing as yesterday’s stupid. It’s a gold mine of stupid: Greene: Can you tell me how much money went to Drag Queen Story Hour? Where men dress up as women and read confusing books to … Continue reading

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CPAC Will Carry-On (boy howdy, will it ever!)

CPAC will go on, on schedule, despite the $9M+ Amero law suit filed against Schlapp for schlapping the junk of a male campaign aid. Allegedly. In just over one month, the Conservative Political Action Coalition is set to hold a … Continue reading

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War on Women

OK, this is gross: Despite public outcry, the Florida High School Athletics Association is standing by its decision that girls submit menstruation info to schools: including age of their first period, how many days are typically in between their periods, … Continue reading

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Schlapp-Back: Lawsuits filed

Mercedes Schlapp: “My husband Matt didn’t schlapp anyone’s private parts.” — Hoodlum 🇺🇸 (@NotHoodlum) January 17, 2023 Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie reports that the Herschel Walker campaign aid John Doe has filed a … Continue reading

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Shocker: Republican Congressman Might Be Straight!

The George Santos never-ending story: epublican congressman-elect George Santos is under new scrutiny after a New York Times report earlier this week uncovered a string of apparent outright fabrications at the heart of some of the most fundamental facts of … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Well, this sucks but it is not surprising in the least: the team that wants to inspect kids junk, take the trans kids away to the foster care system, AND prosecute their parents for child abuse is … Continue reading

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