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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Just in case the most hateful GOP party document in history (you know, that decrees that LGBTQ people should be shoved back in the closet, but no one is advocating shooting the ‘mos, so not all … Continue reading

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There’s Gotta Be A Horse In Here Somewhere

The position of this blog is that the vast majority of Kenyan Usurper’s achievements really are the result of undoing the damage of Best Republican Preznint Ever Bill Clinton. From DADT, DOMA, to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and … Continue reading

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DADT Repeal=Bird Death…

…but nothing explains the purple leopard print with glitter.

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Senator Kyl’s Last Stand

You gotta give him credit for not going down without a fight. Er, bad word choice. Grandpa Walnuts, however, is willing to let gays serve openly in the military for 2 years if they make over $250,000 a year.

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Sorry Grandpa Walnuts, DADT passed. As has your credibility.

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DADT Repeal

The DADT repeal is set to be voted on at noon PT (3PM ET) today. Earlier today the filibuster was defeated (sorry Grandpa Walnuts, but you’re a dinosaur thrashing about in the tar at this point). If you are active … Continue reading

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Apocalypse this instant

I agree with Traitor Joe: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who’s been pushing for a vote this weekend on DADT repeal, told MSNBC Thursday that the START treaty would still be ratified by the new Republican-heavy Senate that will be sworn … Continue reading

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Eating Crow

Stolen from Zaius Nation Once again, Nancy Pelosi has delivered the goods for President Carebear and has managed to get a stand-alone DADT repeal passed in the house. It is now in the tender embrace of Harry Reid, where it … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, Sec. Gates…

…Grandpa Walnuts can fly into a rage without much prep time (just ask The C-Word): Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has ordered the [DADT] report to be released on Nov. 30, one day earlier than planned, “to support Congress’s wish … Continue reading

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Bad Ads, cont.

Well, if that doesn’t recruit ’em, nothing will. (Hat tip: Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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