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Bad Signs, Cont.

Le Tits Now sounds like a nightclub in old Pareeee.

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Happy Saint Pat’s Day to You , Too!

We suggest you return to the well and revisit The Leprechaun. This review is pure gold.

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Bad Signs, Cont.

That’s quite a Holiday Greeting.

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RSVP To The Department Of Whiny Bitches

So I guess the Whitey House is determined to super-spread some holiday cheer along with the Trump-Virus, but YOU ARE NOT INVITED!!1! Bet you’re sorry now, LOSERS!!1!!! Anyway, from the Villagers gossip pages at Politico’s email thingie (emphasis theirs): THERE … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays To The ACLU!

Around this time every year, our office gets flooded with holiday cards. Some wish us season's greetings and others… well, not so much. Here's one of our favorite office holiday traditions. — ACLU (@ACLU) December 10, 2019 If there … Continue reading

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Bad Design, Cont.

I hope that’s the same town that put up the festive X-Mas dicks! Must be quite a main street!

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Retail’s Super Saturday – Be Kind, Peeps!

Today is the second busiest retail day of the year, in the trade known as Super Saturday. The WaPo has a story up that I hope reminds us to be kind to store clerks: “We are the workers tasked with saving … Continue reading

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This Exists

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‘Twas The Night Before X-Mas, And All Through The Pence’s…

“…Mother led a tour—without Mike—because there might be persons with menses.” I have no idea why AP thought this should be a story, but that’s just more of our failed media. “Every room on the main floor of the Naval … Continue reading

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The Nyet Before Christmas, Comrades

Mel decorated the White House in AB-negative, hoping for Dracula to make an appearance? “We are in 21st century and everybody has different taste. I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real … Continue reading

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