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The Morning Quote (Happy MLK Day!)

“No, no, I’m not a racist.  I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that I can tell you.” –our Stable Genius, Comrade Preznint Shithole

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Peace on earth and goodwill to all men

I am reminded of what my mother used to say about Mothers Day: “And what about the other 364 days of the year, hmmm?” We are a cynical lot, but I think only because good spitballers want to make the … Continue reading

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Hope No One Finds This Under Their Tree

The special Holiday edition MAGA hat sells for $45 Ameros, while the usual MAGA hat sells for $25, because Hair Führer needs more cheddar in spite of his tax cuts. He’s got a lot of alimony to not pay bigly.

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Bad Design, Cont. (Christmas Eve)

So that’s how Santa deals with the sleigh ride on the long winter’s night. It’s the smile that gets me. Merry X-Mas, Scissorheads. Our war on Christmas concludes. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Infidel 753, who’s Sunday Link Round-up is a goddam … Continue reading

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Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

This oughta wrap-up the gifts for the kiddos! Unrelated: anyone know of a good child psychologist?

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Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

OK, I admit that I enjoyed watching my big brother’s reaction to this movie, he’s exactly the right boomer age and wanted a bb gun (I’m told) as much as the kid in A Christmas Story. I might have to … Continue reading

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Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

Yes, now you CAN give your spoiled brats charcoal in their stockings and make them eat it, too! Tastes like charcoal (and cinnamon), and bitter, bitter tears.

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Bad Design, Christmas Edition

“Contact your doctor if your panda has an erection that lasts longer than four hours…” To hell with the doctor, I’m calling everyone I know. (Hat tip: @olymagster on the electronic twitter machine)

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Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

A) I don’t think that this is really what your girlfriend meant and 2) her cat looks like it wants to kill you. (Take a bow in the comments, whoever sent this…)

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Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

(Hat tip: Well, that’s embarrassing. I lost my note about who to tip, so take a bow in the comments!)

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