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And He Didn’t Burst Into Flames

"I don't know one Republican, including me, that would ever cut Medicare." — Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who has called for sunsetting all government programs, including Medicare, every five years — The Recount (@therecount) January 26, 2023 Sen. Scott … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, K-Mac?

Another part in the series, K-Mac Is Bad At His Job: Top Republicans Keep Talking About Plans To Cut Medicare And Social Security Generally, three weeks before midterm elections that could make or break a party’s chances of congressional control, … Continue reading

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Stable Jenius Says Quiet Part Out Loud, Part Infinity

As Gawd is my waitress, this man is a moron: Trump says Supreme Court ending Obamacare would be “a big WIN” President Trump on Sunday tweeted that the Supreme Court invalidating the Affordable Care Act would be “a big WIN … Continue reading

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Trump Is Trying To Kill Us, Cont.

In the middle of a raging, out of control pandemic, and a complete economic collapse Lord Damp Nut is demanding that the Supreme Court throw out the Affordable Care Act because: Obama (we’re only guessing, but I think we’re right). … Continue reading

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SCOTUS: ‘Turn Yer Head and Squeal’

Axios Alert: The Supreme Court announced this morning that it will hear a major case against the Affordable Care Act, meaning the health care law’s fate will be on the line in the middle of the 2020 presidential election. Why … Continue reading

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The Big Screw Is Coming

Pay attention, Possum Hollar: this means YOU. The Fourth Reich will accept state applications for Medicaid block grants—which is its latest attempt to roll back the program. States that are granted a waiver from the federal government will be able … Continue reading

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Well, We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark

The ACA’s individual mandate was just struck down by the Appellate Court, and so say “Hello” to the return of Pre-Existing Conditions. Axios Alert: A U.S. Court of Appeals on Wednesday ruled that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is … Continue reading

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The GOP Wants To Take Away Your Healthcare, Part Infinity

At first I thought that the servers at Politico must have burped during the power outage in NYC, because the lead story could have been written almost anytime in the last 10 years: Republicans ready to dive off a cliff … Continue reading

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Like Yelp For Healthcare

And once again, the Republicans are trying to “fix” healthcare so that it matches their Randian belief system. You see, if you apply selfish self-interest to whatever ails you, a good outcome will be had by all. In other words… … Continue reading

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Legalizing Bigotry

This is alarming (emphasis mine): “WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday released a final rule allowing doctors, nurses and other health workers to opt out of procedures such as abortions and sterilizations which violate … Continue reading

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