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Happy Birthday Gym Jordan!

To celebrate, Jordan plans to not watch the candles get blown, and deny it afterwards.

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Happy Birthday Justice Amy Coney Barret

Justice Coathangers was conceived 49 years-and-9-months ago, as we all know that’s how she measures it.

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Happy Birthday, Elliot Abrams!

Genocide enthusiast and King of the Contras is 73 years old today.

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Happy Birthday Ben Shapiro

Racist/Misogynist/Homophobe talentless l’enfant terrible is 37-years old today, and sooner or later Ben will grow up to be a real boy. But not today.

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Happy Birthday Fratsputin!

Guys, Jar-Jar turns 40 today! For his birthday, he’s getting a tie, some socks, and maybe a pardon!

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Happy Birthday Junior Mints!

Junior is 43 today. What is that in coke spoons?

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Happy Birthday Dr. Fauci!

The good doctor is 80 years old today! Have a second slice of cake!

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Happy Birthday Sen. Ayatollah Ted

Seditionist Ayatollah Ted is 50-years old today, OR IS HE?! Debate him you cowards!

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Happy Birthday Steve Mnunchin!

Worst. Bond. Villain. Ever. and living typo, Steve Mnuchin is 58 today. We don’t know what his plans include, but taking his villainess wife, Craven Moorehead, to Ft. Knox for a little plundering is not out of the question, we … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ann Coulter [horse whinnies in the distance]

Elsa, She-Wolf of the SS, er, Ann is 59 today.

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