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Happy Birthday Peggington!

Bacardi Lifetime Achievement Winner Peggy Noonan is —well a lady never reveals her age and a gentleman never inquires. I’d say drinks are on the house, but Peggy’s a little unsteady to climb up there so early in the day.

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Happy Birthday, Crown Prince Bone Saw

We don’t want to know who, er, what he’s serving at his party.

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Happy Birthday, Sen. Sinema

We voted to buy you birthday cake, but the motion was filibustered.

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Happy Birthday, Chimpy McStagger!

Dubya is 75 today; I was hoping he would be celebrating with Rummy. Oh well, next year.

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Happy Birthday, Debbie Harry

She’s beyond comparison.

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Junior?

Yesterday, Junior Mints wished his Dad a happy birthday… Happy Birthday President Trump #HappyBirthday — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 14, 2021 …on Twitter, where his Pa is banned for life.  

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Happy Birthday Mike Pence!

We don’t know Pence’s age, but I suppose we could count the rings. (We were gonna make a joke someone that wooden being near that much fire, but it seemed ageist.)

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Happy Birthday Tucker Carlson

We’re not saying that our favorite Nazi is old, but if he lights his birthday cake candles, it looks like the Reichstag Fire.

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Happy Birthday Mark Faceberg

To you and me, the internet power-user, would-be destroyer of democracies, and boy billionaire is 37, but in hexadecimal he is 25 today.

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Happy Birthday, Mel!

Mel is celebrating her 45 birthday for the 6th time!

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