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Bacardi Salutes Lifetime Achievement Winner Peggy Noonan On Her Birthday!

On this date in the year of our Lord 1950 in the quaint hamlet of Brooklynshire, Lord and Lady Noonington were interrupted from their elevenses by the arrival of young Margaret Ellen ‘Peggy’ Noonington, and a thousand poins of light. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Thompson

Giants once walked amongst us, and today is Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday. They say that the best writers are essentially stylists and that you can read a passage and spot who wrote it because their voice, their style is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Morse

Longtime readers of Mock, Paper, Scissors know that this blog would not exist without the encouragement of my blogfather, Morse, who used to blog at the late and much lamented Media Needle. Today is his birthday, and on behalf of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to…

…Richard Nixon. Where ever he’s gotten to. Anyway, it give us our yearly chance to read The Good Doctor’s obituary of Tricky Dick, which is some of the finest writing ever. Below the fold:

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My mom never even hired a magician for my birthday parties.

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Happy Birthday, Tricky Dick

There is only one, definitive eulogy to Richard Nixon, and the good Doctor Hunter S. Thompson gives it. By Hunter S. Thompson MEMO FROM THE NATIONAL AFFAIRS DESK DATE: MAY 1, 1994 FROM: DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON SUBJECT: THE DEATH … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Peggy!

Today in History September 7, 1950 Margaret Ellen “Peggy” Noonan (born September 7, 1950) is an American author of seven books on politics, religion, and culture, and a weekly columnist for The Wall Street Journal. She was a primary speech … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Julia

Cookstr She would be 100 years old today, and she’s still inspiring cooks and chefs everywhere.

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Happy 90th Birthday, George McGovern

There’s a lot to like about this man whom Bobby Kennedy once called the most decent man in the Senate. While I am recovering from surgery, I picked up a new edition of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

SFGate We threw the old gal a party. Goldy turned 75, and she’s as beautiful, iconic, and beloved as ever.

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