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Right Wing Domestic Terrorism

Christopher Paul Hasson, who is A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white nationalist was arrested after federal investigators uncovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in his Maryland home. Authorities say he was planning to launch a massive domestic … Continue reading

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NRA + Trump 2016

Hey guys, Mother Jones tells us that the NRA and Comrade Trump’s 2016 Goat Rodeo Campaign probably coordinated their ad buys by using the same consultants to buy TV ads on the same stations and at the same times authorized … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Jump for Jeebus! Our old pal Josh Bernstein in recommending insurrection in Washington state because we passed a mild gun control law! Josh must be aware that Yours Truly would be a gun-grabber if I were … Continue reading

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The Bar Shooter Knew The Game

WSJ tells us…  “A Facebook post published to his account around the time of the attack said, ‘I hope people call me insane… (laughing emojis).. wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I’m insane, but the only … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment Is Killing Us

The LATimes: Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus was on the phone with his wife when reports of a shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill came in. “I gotta go handle a call,” Helus said before hanging up. “I … Continue reading

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The Handshake Not Seen Around The World

The LATimes: Day 1 of the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, was not the sleepy affair typical of such openings. Instead, Senate Democrats repeatedly tried to halt the hearing, saying the process has been hurried … Continue reading

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Guns! Guns! Guns!

“Witnesses say a 24-year-old contestant from Baltimore who had been eliminated at a video game tournament at a Jacksonville, Fla., pizzeria fatally shot two of his competitors, including a 21-year-old man from West Hills, Calif., before killing himself. Authorities say … Continue reading

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Correlation is not causation. Except when it is.

NBC News: The number of homicides committed using guns has gone up by nearly a third nationwide in recent years, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC found a 31 percent increase in … Continue reading

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The Spy Who Loved Pee*

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac   Tiger Beat on the Potomac tells us… A federal grand jury indicted Mariia Butina on Tuesday on charges of conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent, adding a new charge against the Russian national, who was arrested over the … Continue reading

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GOPers Endorses Arming Preschoolers!

OK, on one level Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show is very funny—his character anti-terrorism expert Erran Morad is so over the top—it is hard to believe anyone could fall for it. But fall for it they did. From Rep Dana … Continue reading

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