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About Last Night: a Townhall Meeting, Inside Baseball, and Normalizing Obstruction

The big story of last night is that President Handsome Joe Biden spent a lot of time talking about Sens. Manchinema, and how he’s trying ever-so-very-hard to work with them, and how sad he and his wife Jill were when … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News   Methinks the Trash Panda protests too much:   MANCHIN to @burgessev and me on the report he is threatening to leave the Democratic Party if his demands are not met on infrastructure: “I can’t control rumors … Continue reading

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Joe Manchin Fails To Find 10 Good Republicans

…and neither does the GOP: BREAKING: Senate Republicans block Democrats from starting debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. The filibuster isn’t protecting bipartisanship, it’s ensuring its absence. — Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) October 20, 2021 A) The Senate has … Continue reading

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House Odds: Zero Republicans Will Vote For Manchin’s Democracy Bill Today

Senate Democrats will hold a test vote on the Freedom to Vote Act TODAY. The bill would: ban partisan redistricting expand access to the polls protect career election officials from partisan interference The bill is coauthored by Sen. Joe Manchin … Continue reading

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More, Please

EXPLOSIVE NEW VIDEO! #JoeManchinSenatorForSale@Sen_JoeManchin is blocking Joe Biden's agenda. We found so much vile and provable corruption in Manchin's life and his families life that we could not fit it all into one video. So this is just Part 1. … Continue reading

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Cruelty Is Always The Point

Joe Manchin, the trash panda of the Senate, has a new and incredibly cruel demand to make. (Axios, so all the weird formatting is theirs): Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has told the White House the child tax credit must include … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

“I hear your frustration. You don’t have to talk to [Manchin and Sinema] as much as I have to talk to them.” —As quoted in Tiger Beat on the Potomac morning email thingie

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Live From NY…

OK, they nailed Sinema pretty well right outta the gate, and had a spare nail for Joe Manchin. Sinema just got defined by SNL, and as good as the Joe Biden impersonation is (and it is GREAT), the public will … Continue reading

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Why Are The Dogs All Barking, Sen. Manchin?

  I hear a dogwhistle: First part of Joe Manchin’s press gaggle: “My top line has been $1.5 [trillion] because I believe in my heart that what we can do and what the needs we have right now and what … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) The Betting Windows Are Open!

If I were a betting man (and the windows are open for your wagers), I’d put my Quatloos that Pelosi is going to pull the smaller infrastructure bill from the floor today. She doesn’t have the votes and one of … Continue reading

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